• Genetic successor to Umbrella's Tyrant monster
  • Comes factory-standard with a rocket launcher arm
  • Nemesis showed up in the Resident Evil: Apocalypse movie

Coming after the blockbuster Resident Evil 2, Capcom needed something pretty spectacular for the third game. Enter Nemesis. While there is no shortage of zombies and monsters in Resident Evil 3, the primary bad guy is the seemingly unstoppable Nemesis who shows up from time to time to kick your butt from here until next Thursday. Born in Umbrella Labs as an upgraded Tyrant, Nemesis actually has the brains to actually walk around objects whilst in pursuit of its prey. Trust us, this was no small innovation to Umbrella line of custom-made zombies.

Capcom dressed this monster up in serious motorcycle gear, complete with a black leather overcoat and platform boots. It carried a rocket launcher into battle, but when simple shells weren't enough to slow down Jill Valentine, Nemesis mutated to grow - wait for it - tentacles.

But it wasn't Nemesis' brains and tentacles that made it so terrifying. It was its persistence. Nemesis doesn't stop. Ever. Shooting it in the face with a shotgun? Minor flesh wound. Acid bath? It shakes it off by noshing on a Tyrant and absorbing its poison-spitting power. It finally took a prototype rail cannon to drop this brute, and even then, the members of STARS still look under the bed at night to make sure Nemesis isn't there... waiting.

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