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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cloud 9 Optima Herbal Incense

Reader Review:

Cloud 9 Optima Herbal Incense

The team from Cloud 9 Incense has put together two new herbal incense blends, one being Crazy Eyes Incense, and the other Optima. Optima is 50 state legal and is labelled as Cannabinoid free! I believe it was created as a replacement for Cloud 9 Deversion 2.0 has the smell is almost identical. Cloud 9 actually labels this blend as a Herbal Sachets instead of an actual herbal incense.

The packaging is kind of trippy 3d artwork as if you stare at it, it appears to be moving.

The herbal mixture is typical of what you come to expect from Cloud 9 Incense and at first notice you smell as nice hint of mint/menthol. It's also been said that it has a hint of grape but I could not really smell any, but it did have a almost unique smell mixed in with the mint scent.

Cloud 9 Optima Effects

The effects set in within 5 minutes of being used. My first thoughts upon using this blend was the noticeable lack of an "eye-high". I didn't feel this in my face like others. This was in more in my chest/body. It definately is more of an ecstacy like high, than it is a weed high. I felt awake, very light, and almost airy. More euphoric than other blends.

If you are looking for a place to buy Optima and your local "headshop" does not carry it or you are looking for a cheaper source, you can always buy online and usually will get it at a cheaper price. Grab some here(Click Here), you might also want to get some Crazy Eyes to try while you're at. Just remember this is a totally different breed of k2 spice and herbal incense so take it slow, and use with caution.

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  1. I agree, but this stuff can be very addicting, i know from experience. Be safe, and beware..not your average incense


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