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Flick of the Switch


by Steve Huey

For Flick of the Switch, AC/DC jettisoned producer Mutt Lange in an attempt to recapture the rawness and simplicity of their early records. While they more or less succeed in terms of the record's sound, and show more energy than on the preceding For Those About to Rock We Salute You, the songs themselves suffer -- AC/DC's music has always been simple, but here it sounds underdeveloped and unmemorable. As perhaps indicated by the record's idiotic original title, the utterly generic I Like to Rock, AC/DC seemed to be running out of ideas at an alarming rate, and their record sales began to reflect that fact.


Year Type label Catalog #
CD Sony Music Distribution 6602
1994 CS Atco 7567924484
1998 CD EMI Music Distribution 4770912
2000 CD WEA 7567924145
2003 CD Epic 80209
2003 CS Epic 80209
2003 CD Sony Music Distribution 5107672
2003 LP Epic 80209
2003 LP EPC 5107671