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Anchors the Salt Water Daffy, Vol. 1, No. 2

  View Printable Version 
What could be more fun than watching a good-looking young sailor poking his bunkmate in the rear end? If you’re not sure how to respond to this -- “don’t ask, don’t tell”, anyone? -- you’d better check out the cover of this issue of ANCHORS THE SALT WATER DAFFY, the pin-up-lovin’, cross-dressing swabbie-star of this ODDBALL military humor COMIC from 1953! All this and a case of near date-rape, too? Well, blow me down!
read more (3,167 words)

Frank Buck, No. 70

  View Printable Version 
 The Buck stops here -- at ODDBALL COMICS! Meet FRANK BUCK, a real-life “collector of wild animals”, movie producer/director/writer/actor, best-selling author and circus star -- whose famous motto was “BringEm Back Alive” -- in three decidedly fictitious exploits: “The Spoor Of The Elephant Rustlers”, “Gentleman Of The Jungle” and “Tiger Plague Of N’Gessa”! Even wilder, all of ‘em were drawn by the great Wallace Wood and Joe Orlando! (But what was Frank Buck’s ODDBALL connection to that other great duo, Bud Abbott and Lou Costello?)
read more (5,372 words)

Watch Out for Big Talk!

  View Printable Version 
There’s nothing quite like a funnybook that deals with the touchy subject of politics, so don’t miss WATCH OUT FOR BIG TALK!, a great “giveaway” comic from 1950 that takes aim at crooked politicians! Even better, it’s drawn by Dan (FLASH GORDON) Barry, the cartoonist whose impressive work was the model for DC’s Silver Age “house-style”! So watch out for Oddball Comics!
read more (1,827 words)

Detective Comics, No. 282

  View Printable Version 
We’ve all seen Batman and Robin The Boy Wonder fight The Joker, The Penguin and Two-Face! But didja know that the Dynamic Duo used to spend much of their time facing alien menaces like a “space spider” and the deadly “Kranjan cave-eel”? You don’t wanna miss “Batman’s Interplanetary Rival”, a space-spanning story from a super-silly Silver Age issue of DETECTIVE COMICS! Plus, “Roy Raymond, TV Detective” in “The Mirages That Went Mad” and “John Jones, Manhunter From Mars” in “The Girl With The Martian Powers”!
read more (4,868 words)

Choo Choo Charlie, No. 1

  View Printable Version 
Move over, Captain Tootsie! Step off, Kool-Aid Man! Hit the road, Buffalo Bee! It’s time to meet that forgotten purveyor of sugary goodness -- and friend to dentists everywhere -- CHOO CHOO CHARLIE, the loco-for-locomotives commercial spokescharacter for “Good And Plenty” licorice candy! Even ODDER, it’s written and drawn by that legendary cartoonist John (LITTLE LULU, MELVIN MONSTER) Stanley! Pretty sweet, huh? (But what’s with the story that Good & Plenty is a powerful aphrodisiac?!?)
read more (3,410 words)

Miss America, Vol. 7, No. 35 (N0. 68)

  View Printable Version 
Happy Valentine’s Day from ODDBALL COMICS! Everyone’s familiar with Marvel’s Captain America, but how many are aware that Marvel also once published MISS AMERICA MAGAZINE featuring such characters as “Patsy Walker” (three decades before she became, yeesh, “Hellcat”), “Lana”, “Frankie Fuddle”, “Hedy De Vine”, “Mitzi”, “Jeanie” -- and ODDEST of all, “Patty Pinhead” -- in “hilarious teen comics”? (And hey, when was the last time you saw an advertisement for feminine hygiene products in a comic book -- and on its first page, no less?)
read more (4,254 words)

Jughead as Captain Hero, No. 4

  View Printable Version 
Meet drug-snorting Dr. Nose and his hairy, hulking henchman, the Ghastly Ghoul Of Greymoor, who try to make a hero sandwich out of Pureheart The Powerful and Evilheart! Then meet the Operator, a super-villain who can transmit through telephone wires! So who can possibly stop these ODDBALL ultra-fiends? Wouldja believe Archie Andrews’ burger-lovin’ buddy Jughead P. Jones, AKA CAPTAIN HERO? Just don’t forget to bring along a snack!
read more (3,464 words)

Knockout Adventures, No. 1

  View Printable Version 
C’mon, you cream-puffs -- LET’S FIGHT!” It’s the one and only ODDBALL issue of KNOCKOUT ADVENTURES, the last gasp of the legendary Fiction House line of comics! Don’t miss these tales of “fighting men & danger” and “two-fisted tales of he-man action”, starring “Rip Carson” of “Risks Unlimited”, “Kayo Kirby”, “Hooks Devlin, Special Agent” and “Señorita Rio”! (Hey, how did she get in here?)
read more (5,116 words)

Reddy Kilowatt in "Reddy Made Magic"

  View Printable Version 
What do you get when you combine a famous commercial spokescharacter who’s gotta bolt of lightning jutting out from between his legs…dinosaurs…E.C. Comics…and the Hollywood studio responsible for “Woody Woodpecker” cartoons? How about “REDDY MADE MAGIC”, a comic book -- that originally bore a cover-price of only a nickel! -- starring ODDBALL icon REDDY KILOWATT as he tells us “the amazing true story of electricity”! Shocking stuff, eh?
read more (3,269 words)

My Greatest Adventure, No. 43

  View Printable Version 
Let’s hope you’ve finally all recovered from your New Year’s Eve hangovers! And speaking of elbow-bending, here’s a nutty three-eyed purple monster -- without elbows -- who’s the titular star of “We Were Ruled By The Emperor-Beast”, the cover-story of an ODDBALL Silver Age issue of DC’s MY GREATEST ADVENTURE! And don’t miss “I Fought The Sonar Creatures”, “I Became A Human Space Ship” and “The Rocket Lanes Of Tomorrow”, a rarely-seen sci-fi feature illustrated by the great Jack Kirby!
read more (6,462 words)


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