• Carbon Offsetting You can enjoy financial and environmental benefits.
  • SIPP Service SIPPs are a type of Personal Pension Plan
  • Carbon Credits The Voluntary Market is Primarily to offset emissions
  • OUR CSR PARTNER Delivering your offset to the public

Carlton Chase is a young, dynamic and innovative company based in the city of London. We trade across the globe providing financial products and solutions to our very diverse client base that includes corporations, financial institutions, governments and high-net-worth individuals.

Due to the near-collapse of the banking system and rapid decline in the global stock markets in 2009, there has been significant concern over the stability of traditional financial opportunities, in particular pension funds and the property markets, in which people have often relied upon heavily as their ‘nest egg’.

As the global economy has struggled, awareness of global warming has increased and the world population has continued to grow at a rapid pace; more people are making an effort to have a socially responsible outlook to their future security. Carlton Chase exists to service the needs of clients and offer a solution to their volatile portfolio's. At the same time we ensure the projects we offer are helping to address global climate change, enlarge and protect rain forests and satisfy increasing demand for alternative fuels and energy solutions, helping local communities while contributing to relieving poverty.

Carlton Chase gives their clients the opportunity to be involved in projects that are sustainable, ethical and tangible we look to identify the ‘best opportunities’ in this sector and select only projects which are of the highest accreditation,.All projects are SIPP (self invested pension plan) approved.

Rigorous due diligence is carried out on all recommended projects, making the process fully transparent. This includes extensive research and analysis, market comparisons and onsite inspections, and ensures all projects presented  have undergone a robust selection process.

Self Invested Pension Plan (SIPP)SIPP SERVICE