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Les Bock


Les on the Issues:

Standing Up for All Idahoans

Les will continue to work to:
• Support economic development opportunities
• Promote sustainable job growth
• Strengthen our educational system
• Maintain our quality of life

Providing Effective Leadership

You can rely on Les to:
• Focus on the problems that concern you, including job creation, education and public safety issues
• Protect Idaho's way of life and open spaces

Experience and Community Service

• Recipient of Boise Education Association Friend of Education Award
• Former member of the Idaho Commission for Children and Youth
• Former Executive Director of the Idaho Human Rights Education Center, builder of the Anne Frank Memorial
• Former Albertson's Corporate Secretary

2010 AARP Questionnaire

•How do you propose to resolve Idaho's worsening budget problems?

Idaho needs to find ways to enhance State revenues. Although I believe that the economy is
improving (which will assist in eliminating some of the budget shortfalls over the next few
years), we do need to find ways to encourage economic growth through tax incentives that
encourage investment and job creation. Economic growth will, in turn, generate more revenues
for Idaho's programs. We also need to eliminate at least some of the more than $2 billion in
sales tax exemptions. Even a modest reduction of these sales tax exemptions would have a
significant effect on the State's budgetary problems.

•What is your position on ensuring health workers honor patients' living wills, advance directives,
or other end of life care and instructions?

I fully support patients' living wills, advance directives and other end of life care instructions. I
opposed and voted against legislation that allows health care professionals to refuse to provide
end of life care treatment, and I believe this legislation should be repealed. I would support
legislation that would allow family members to administer stronger pain medications to
terminally ill patients who are experiencing severe pain, provided that such medication is
administered under the supervision of a hospice nurse and/or another qualified professional.
•Where do you stand on limiting the role and influence large campaign contributions have in
Idaho politics?

No particular group or person should be allowed to make contributions that undermine the
democratic process and the wishes of Idaho's electorate. I would support a measure that would
make the current limits on contributions more stringent.

•How do you propose we bring more physicians into Idaho, and encourage more to accept
patients under Medicare?

I would support increased funding and additional medical positions for Idaho's WAMI program,
which is a program that creates medical school positions for Idaho students at the University of
Washington Medical School. WAMI offers incentives for Idaho's students to stay and practice
medicine Idaho and thereby increases the availability of medical services in the State. I would
also support substantially more State funding for Federally Qualified Health Centers ("FQHCs")
that are specifically designed and operated to serve those who are on Medicare.


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