Company Profile

Keen Software House was founded in 2007 by Marek Rosa, a software industry veteran. Originally the firm was a software research & development company specializing in the development of video games and software solutions for online movies.

The company switched its focus entirely to video game development with the first major hirings in late 2009 for its crowning project Miner Wars.

About us
About us
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Our senior software engineers have more than 15 years of experience in areas such as games development, enterprise systems, artificial intelligence, and stock market simulations.

Staff consist of a notable video game industry veterans, particularly our Audio Director Dan Wentz who is renowned for his work with Red Faction and Saints Row.  Our creative staff are hand-picked on the basis of  technical skill, niche and experience.

Miner Wars - Six-axis space shooter featuring entirely destructible environments. The game is playable in a single player campaign, cooperative modes, and includes a further MMO franchise in the works
VRAGE - Developed from the ground up for Miner Wars 2081, this game development engine will one day be offered to indie companies looking for a powerful tool to help them with their projects.
Our main headquarters is situated in Prague, Czech Republic
Corporate History


1mil investment
The gameplay demo is released and sales hit a new record high.

Prague HQ is open for business.


Programmers, designers, art specialists, writers, producers and administrators are employed.

Marek collaborates on a book for advanced programming.

Pre-Alpha is pre-released at a 70% discount to allay costs. Thousands of Euros pour in each day. Several investors are signed.

2009 is established.

Marek - still a one-man team - makes a trailer for his game and uploads it to Youtube.
Dan Wentz, pre-eminent composer and audio director for dozens of video games sees the video and becomes the team's second member.


The engine VRAGE is coined - an engine developed solely by and for Keen Software House.

Marek creates his own company Keen Software House.

Miner Wars is officially in production Implemented in C# and XNA. The game takes advantage of advanced rendering capabilities on a wide range of graphical hardware, targeted for the PC and Xbox360 platforms.


Marek Rosa creates a rudimentary engine and program which allows the user to meander around the inside of an asteroid destroying aspects of the environment.