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Posted on: Wed 11 Oct 2006

Simon Jordan.Crystal Palace Chairman Simon Jordan called a press conference at Selhurst Park on Tuesday morning, when he announced that he had purchased the freehold to the stadium.

Selhurst Park was owned by former Chairman Ron Noades and Jordan has bought the freehold by using another agent, much in the same way as he bought the club in 2000.

Speaking at the press conference, Jordan said the following:-

"Six and a half years ago, when I bought Palace, I bought it in a manner which was using someone else to buy the club for me to get what I thought was the best deal.

"There were various protagonists involved in the mix which I felt would possibly exploit the opportunity for me to buy the club in the manner which was best for the club to be bought in.


"Now, over the last six and a half years, the club has changed dramatically. We've had some success and we've had a lot of re-building to do, but a lot of good things have happened.

"We've been in the Premiership earlier than we thought we would be, but unfortunately we didn't stay there.

"We've put ourselves in probably our most financially credible position, we've sold players for enormous amounts of money, we've developed a tremendous Academy to bring young players through, we've bought an American soccer academy to feed our UK operation.

"But one of the things that has been on my mind for six and a half years is the freehold to Selhurst Park.

"Recently, I've been hearing various rumours that Selhurst Park had been sold and that Crystal Palace had been offered, by Ron Noades, the opportunity to buy Selhurst Park and had shown no interest whatsoever.

"The facts of the matter are that Crystal Palace had had very little dialogue with Ron Noades and the reason for that is because Selhurst Park has been sold and it's been sold to me.

"I bought Selhurst Park through a structure that was set up over the last two weeks and I'm not so sure that Ron is aware of who he has sold it to, but he's sold it to me.

"That's not a surprise though as he didn't know who he was selling the club to six and a half years ago.

"As far as I'm concerned, it's a re-affirmation of what I said when I took over. It's a significant development for the club in terms of what has been a big concern to the supporters and a big concern to me in terms of the ownership of the freehold.

"I now have this ownership and am looking forward to enhancing the football club as a whole and working with a very progressive council who have been very good to us as a tenant and I expect them to be very good to us as a freeholder.

"I said this was what I wanted to do and I've done it in the way I wanted to do it, in a manner and through a structure, because my ambitions, devotion and interest level is firmly with Crystal Palace.

"That makes it my Achilles Heel in negotiations and I wasn't prepared to be exploited on that basis when the opportunity came around for the price to be prohibited.

"I've now paid the right price for this freehold and now this gives the Football Club the opportunity to do what plans I have had over the last six years and puts everything into place like I said I would do.

"That's the announcement that I wanted to make and to clear up the nonsense and the rumours and obviously also inform Ron that I've bought his freehold."

Full footage of the press conference will be available to view on Palace World.

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