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Second Edition — Revised and Expanded

Disclaimer: All images and material are © 1990/1991 Walt Disney Company and used without permission for non-profit purposes only. All material represented here is used with the utmost respect to the Walt Disney Company and the TaleSpin creative team. Content on these pages may not be copied, mirrored, or reprinted.

This page is respectfully dedicated to Jymn Magon, Mark Zaslove, Christopher L. Stone and the writers, actors, artists, and others who made TaleSpin a reality.

TaleSpin: Plunder & Lightning                                                  1990-91 Emmy Winner for Outstanding Animated Program    (Prime Time for Programming One Hour or More)....

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The TaleSpin Sourcepage — September 9, 2006
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TaleSpin, Copyright 1990/1991 Walt Disney Company. Material used without permission for non-profit purposes only.