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Capturing The Sounds Of South Park

The voices of Matt Stone and Trey Parker have become synonymous with comedic gold. A majority of the voices in South Park are performed by the two creators and the same will hold true for South Park: The Game.

Obsidian Entertainment's audio director Scott Lawlor is in charge of not just implementing the iconic voices into the game, but also the sound effects and music. To ensure that the game sounds exactly like the show, the team at South Park Studios is opening the doors and sharing all of South Park's audio resources, including the show's composer and entire catalog of music. Check out the video below to hear samples and learn more about the working relationship between the audio team at Obsidian Entertainment and South Park Studios.

To learn more about South Park: The Game, click on the link to our content hub below.

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  • South park is a really funny show, but I don't think the game will do very well.
  • So is Matt and Trey doing the voices?
  • Can't wait to see some actual gameplay footage from this.

  • I hope they include the Underpants Gnomes song. I love that one.
  • sweet I cant wait for this game!
  • Cheesy poofs on the desk.

  • i'ts nice that they are using the actual music from the show. that's a big key to make this game great.
  • The more I hear about it the more I get excited.  I just hope the themes will change a little and won't always be pure ''medival-sorcery'' rpg kind of game.  That's what the images seem to suggest for now, but I'm sure they'll mix it up.

  • My only problem with this... is that it's a turn based RPG. Turn based RPG's blow!! But it's South Park, so i'll give it a try when it comes out.
  • Keeps getting better and better

  • I'm going to be honest This dude sounds like Stan's Dad.
  • Is there any chance we'll get a trailer, screenshots, or a full list of kids in the game soon?

  • i hope randy marsh has a large part in the game
  • I think this is the first month where I'm literally watching and reading every bit of info about this game. From all of the steps being taken to ensure this game is good, I have high hopes. Obsidian has also proven that they can take existing properties and make good games out of them (KOTOR II was great, New Vegas was buggy but decent, plus Dungeon Siege III was amazing IMO). I hope that the last bits of content in the next couple weeks are just as good as what we have gotten so far. As one of the biggest South Park nuts in the world, I have to say I am happy with how it looks to this point. P.S. to Dan Ryckert, if you're reading this, great article in the magazine.
  • Yes, this looks great. It's good to hear they're using the sound effects from the show as well as the voices. This seems to be getting more and more exciting as GI posts more info. MOAR COVRAGE NAO PLZZZ!
  • Gonna be hilarious.

    Long live south park

  • I hope the game duz good

  • yeah "chessy poffs" i see what they did there

  • Cool.  I like he has a bag of Cheesy Poofs on his desk. :)

  • So getting

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