Great Wi-Fi tips for conference organisers

Youve booked the room, ordered the catering, plugged in the hearing loop and photocopied the agenda all systems go for your conference or big meeting then? Wrong! What about the wi-fi?

In this day and age of mobile internet access arent the movers and shakers whom youve invited, blackmailed or cajoled to attend your event going to want to be tweeting and posting whilst the meeting is happening? Wouldnt it be a good idea to get the wi-fi rolling to enable them to do this?

If you are planning on organising a big event (as am I) then read this post by Andy Mabbett in Pigsonthewing signposted by Paul Webster aka @watfordgap. It runs you through the whole process of ensuring youre thinking about wi-fi when youre booking your venue, to who to contact on the day if things go wrong, and what changes you can make on the fly if your internet connection goes the way of the dodo.

All cracking stuff read it here.

About Honey Lucas

I'm an Information Officer working in the voluntary and community sector in the UK.
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