When Google’s Cr-48 Truly Sucks

Wolfgang Gruener in Products on January 18
Long Term Test Blog – So we have been taking the Cr-48 and Chrome OS seriously despite the well-documented shortcomings such as a notebook design that isn’t particularly user friendly in some aspects, such as the trackpad. However, real frustration may not set in until you are using an ancient Internet connection.
Google Cr-48 Notebook

Google Cr-48 Notebook

A bit earlier today I found myself stuck in a little town some 60 miles west of Chicago, located in the middle of snow-covered corn fields. Nomen est omen, Plano is about as plain as it can get and from staying there just a few hours I would think it is a good place to get disconnected from your daily life, if you need a break. You know this kind of town.

However, I did not exactly chose to be disconnected – and was not especially concerned that I would be. In the end, I frequently tether the Cr-48 to a G2 Android phone, which typically provides me with 6 Mbps downlink speeds in the office, which is just about 15 miles from Plano. It turns out that I am a spoiled guy who forget the download speeds he has grown up with. The 6 Mbps turned into about 1.5 Kbps, which is about the speed that connected me to my first Compuserve chat in 1994.

This time it is a, conceivably, much more advanced connection through a cellphone, but the speed is the same and left me to conclude that cloud and SaaS computing is a frustrating and rather painful experience with the Cr-48 at basic cellular data speeds. Offline capability is non-existent in the Cr-48 and this experience clearly shows that the Cr-48 and Chrome OS needs  considerable offline capability before this device and OS will go anywhere. Without offline features that include Google Docs and other basic apps including Grooveshark, Evernote or Pixlr, the Cr-48 turns into a useless brick when you are dealing with no or ancient Internet connections.

I told you so, some readers may say, but nothing is like the real experience. So, Google, where is the offline support?

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