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Global Financial Services Powerhouse

With over 2.5 million members in 160 countries, 3,400 merchants, and $7 billion in annual transactions, NETELLER PLC operates the largest independent online money transfer business in the world. The company specializes in providing innovative and instant payment services where money transfer is difficult or risky due to identity, trust, currency exchange, or distance.

Speed: With NETELLER instaCASH™, members can instantly transfer money to merchants with a simple mouse click. And withdrawals from around the corner or around the world are instant too using the NETELLER ATM/Cash Point Debit Card and on-demand foreign exchange.

Innovation: For online merchants, NETELLER provides the security of 100% indemnified funds, conversion optimization programs, and the convenience of 24/7 account management. Additionally, a high touch approach drives customer loyalty: The company’s global always-on contact center processes over 100,000 in-bound and out-bound calls per month to in 34 languages.

Trust: NETELLER provides the transparency of a publicly traded company on the London Stock Exchange, and the confidence of regulation by the UK government’s Financial Services Authority. The company is based in the Isle of Man and has regional headquarters in Europe, Asia Pacific, North and Central America.

Isle of Man

NETELLER PLC moved its world-wide headquarters to the Isle of Man for many reasons, including a robust telecommunications infrastructure, central location in Europe, and the government’s commitment to e-commerce. Of further benefit was the Island’s strong financial services background that could provide a solid regulatory and ethics framework for the company to operate in.


The recent investments in e-commerce developments by the Manx government have provided outstanding support for the company’s infrastructure and application hosting requirements: The company routes tens-of-millions of transactions worth over seven billion dollars each year through their Isle of Man datacenter - regardless of where in the world each transaction was initiated. Because of this, infrastructure such as the main fibre link to the Island were of utmost importance to the company.

Geographically Centred

The Isle of Man location provides NETELLER PLC with a borderless society that falls under no specific geographical boundary. At the same time, it is a highly respected and well regulated jurisdiction that bears the quality trademark of the British Isles.

As the company has rapidly expanded globally, to drive its world-wide operations it has also realized the value of an Isle of Man business day that that straddles Asian, European, African, and North American working time-zones.

Flexible legislation

The Isle of Man has a separate legal system and jurisdiction. The Manx government prides itself on having excellent relations with the island’s business community and on being responsive to its needs in terms of legislation, financial assistance and taxation. In particular, it has considered the impact of e-business operations on the island and has ensured that future developments are catered for in future legislation. Current legislation can be modified quickly in a rapidly changing technology age.

The Isle of Man’s legislative structure offers NETELLER credible data protection and is well placed to support any e-business related business, with electronic transactions being legally binding under Manx law, and electronic evidence being fully admissible in Manx courts. The island has excellent support services, including lawyers, accountants and corporate financiers, who are experienced in working for companies with an international focus, such as NETELLER PLC.

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