A Hitchhiker's Guide
To The Sunshine Coast BC &
Mt. Elphinstone's Mysteries

Or How To Become
Tuned In Turned On Droped Out
Totally Elfin Transformed Click Here
For A Glimpse Of Who You May Become
Welcome To The Elf Tribe!
Vibrata Calls

Ancient Elves Discovered!!! New !!!

Elves Are Mini-Humans With Souls !

Elvish Indigo Children?

Or To Become A Hippie Earth Goddess

Fae Gold Dust

As Aerosmith showed so exquisitely in their Jaded Video,
you do not have to live Enslaved in Decadent Civilization,
just start digging for the truth and "Find The Forest!"
The Living Forest is waiting to embrace you in its Eternal Peace & Love,
Freedom, Fantasy, Finance & Fucking!

There are secret ways forward, many have found some and shared them.
Many have ventured into the Forest from all directions and perspectives
and each has come away inspired to learn more, to inspire others to go check it out.
Some have tried the old native ways, some have tried various regular or hippie ways,
some have tried to combine some of the best from each, in new comprehensive techniques.
Whatever your perspective or skill level, please just go give it your best effort.
We guarantee you'll be amazed at what you discover on many levels there and in yourself.

Here is our very rough Draft Outline for your review.
Please let us know what you think, to add in, or leave out ok?
Virtually no attempt has been made to make this politically correct,
or ecopure, commercial, cultish, kidsafe or least common denominator for all.
It's just an eclectic, wild, fun trail to surf to find your own truths and paths.

While it portrays much of the Neo Tribal Forest Scene on the BC Sunshine Coast,
it is meant primarily as an example of experiments to inspire you to create
your own forest scene and tribal life near you, rather than to go live there.
You will not see very deep into this nor find much of what treasure is protrayed here.
Its not only well hidden behind the berries and lost deep in the forest, but also
its simply beyond our ability to comprehend with our old views, mindsets and foibles.

Afterall, its a fragile thin sacred space with very limited resources for people,
especially food, water, fuel, life support, medical, money etc., already
overrun by folks who care or know little about the forest, let alone live there,
especially rich gentry who have made much of the coast into a subburb of Van.
Please respect the shyness and privacy of all those who live there, rich and poor.
It was very hard at first to convince anyone to show these secrets to the world.
But almost all agreed it was necessary to shine this love light to the world,
and special thanks to all those who participated in this bold experiment.

It is our hope that this page develops into a bright ray of hope for the world,
That folks can break free and begin to return to a Garden of Eden Tribal Life,
and leave the old messed up Pharoahic Cities behind in the dustbins of history.
A task of this magnitude, scope and difficulty sure needs lotsa courage and help!
Thanks for taking the time to explore these concepts and experimental lifestyles
and sharing back with us your valuable experiences, insights and imputs.


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Earth Wind Fire Water
Tech Space Spirit
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Santana & Branch "Game of Love" Everyone making out is quite a vision!
HOLD IT KID! This section is as far as you can go, or your body & mind will be stunted. Adults need to continue to shrink their huge fat bodies & egos ;-) "Teach your children well" & vice versa! 14 Childen's Sketches Faerie Children Children Of Faerie Activites Elves' Game Chest Fairy Girls Illustrated Novel Faerie Family World Directory Faeries N Things Natural Elf Toys Felt Elf Horses Santa Balls 2Elf Fun! No Children beyond this point. or this one. or this one either. You Will Be Sent To Camp You Will Not Meet Tieth ------------------- Elfen Sex Tolkein Faerie Trap ;-) Naked Elves ;-) Forest Activist Sex New Fun Forest Plan! Fuck For The Forest! Tantric Yoga Tantric Yoga Links Tantric Net Work Links Kama Sutra Kama Sutra Books & Videos Chakras Chakra Meditations & Books Tattoos & Piercings Out There Body Piercing, Sechelt Tattoos.Com Great Canadian Tattoos Nice Faerie Tattoo Adult Goth Subculture ;-) Hippie Sex Hippie Sex Bud Babes Buds N Babes 420inc Girls 420 Babes Stoner Babes Stoner Chicks Coccozella Girls Gone Wild ;-) Sexy Canadian Girls Radical Faeries Burning Man Wild Muse World Of Froud Faerie Fantasies Faerie Paths To Trod Radical Faerie Links Queer Spirit Faeries Faerie Village ;-) "Everywhere is Freaks & Hairies, Dykes & Faeries, Tell Me Where is Sanity?" Marriage, Licenses at Gov't Agent Offices Faerie Weddings Sex Rules: Safe Sane Consentual & Legal, No Biting, Brusing, Blood, Harrassment, Grossness or Sodomy


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The Elves' Dance Anonymous Round about, round about, In a fair ring-a, Thus we dance, thus we dance, And thus we sing-a, Trip and go, to and fro Over this green-a, All about, in and out, For our brave Queen-a. THE DANCE OF THE ELVES In the rocks of Granite Bay Fairies sleep the live-long day, And up in the Deepwood trees Fairies are as thick as bees. If you have the open sight You may see them any night In the Dimple dressed in spray, Where they come to dance and play. Fairies big and Fairies small, And Fairies just no size at all, Up and off on heel and toe, Trip, trip, trip and away they go. Near the dawn and near the dark Fairies dance in Deepwood Park. Deepwood Fairies dance and glide, Then on moonbeams off they ride. Poems of Affection. Ella Wheeler Wilcox. London: Gay & Hancock, 1920.


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Hard Camping & Digging, (Sneak Peak) Maple Bear Door, Cedar Branch Walls Burning Hut ;-) Love Shacks, Survivor & Others Basic Love Shack Christy's Rock Garden Of Love Hawaian Love Shack Honeymoon Bungalow Build Your Own Or Rent ;-) Sandbags, Cal Earth Sandbag Domes Sand City CAL Aggragate Mining, Sechelt BC AZ Straw-Sand Domes & Yurts, Shelter Systems Geometry Icosahedrons How To Build Easy Domes Javier's Earth Domes Platforms & Stages, Temple Of Ishtar Taj Mahal@B-Man Tree Houses, Tree Climbing Tree Climbing Barrows & Hollows English Barrows Teletubbies Dome ;-) Lost Tribe of Pembrokeshire Cave Links Hobbits, New Zealand Hobbit Door Hobbit Chimney Hobbit Front Yard Hobbiton NZ Hobbit Interior More Hobbit Photos More Hobbit Photos Natural Homes Art Of Natural Building Sustainable Low Tech Architecture Taos Construction Links Stackwood Log Cabin Kits (not cut in place) Sheds, Log Cabins, Playhouses Mike Oehler's Home ID Driftwood Home Thoreau & Walden Thoreau Inst. Canadian Western Heritage Canadian Western Heritage Links Mines & Underground Buildings Nice Faerie Cairn Eliphante Biomorphics AZ Bioarquitectura MX Cave Links Stone Structure Links Resort Structures, Springs, Spas etc Naismith Mtn. Huts Scotland Kinkade Cottages Celtic Elf Bridge Ferrocement Aboriginal Teepees, Long Houses, Totems Coast Salish Long House Peace Camp Teepee Vast Tipi Info Coast Totem Artists BC Museum Totem Photos BC Coast Totems Bill Henderson Totem Master Navajo Hogan Hooghan Details Temples & Archeology, Robert's Creek Masonic Hall Sacred Space Archelog Stone Links Hindu Temple of Kangra, Elphinstone Celtic Archeology Stonepages IE Irish Arch Links Celtic Links Celtic Whispers, Lore Celtic Festivals Diocese of Elphin, Slago IE Suck Valley IE Countess' Speech On Irish Women Elphin & St. Patrick Elphin Windmill Misc. Materials Gibsons Bldg Supplies Builders Supply Sechelt Alt. Bldg. & Materials Curon Plastic Gnome Homes ;-) Bldg. Rules: No Sheetrock, Fiberglass, P Board, Stucco on Tarpaper, Toxic Glues Vehicle Rules: No RV's, Large Trailers or Diesel 3rd Millenium Org Earthship Biotecture NM


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Astronomy, Mayan Calendar Starry Nights Mayan Calendar Codex Mayan Calendar Explained Mayan Hieroglyphs, How To Write etc. 13 Moon Calendar Symbol Info Astronomy Links NASA STSCI Hubble Telescope Gallery Digital Globe Satt Photos UFO Mythos & Dilema Near Space Toys, Northern Lights Photos Waite Aerial Photos Ray Janko Aerial Photos Sechelt Airlines Kites, Parafoils, UAV's & Black Triangles ! Nick's Space Models Cosmology, Ancient Astronomy Links Pagan Cosmology Links Native American Cosmology Links Modern Cosmology Philosophers Links Mythology, Celtic, Elves, Gnomes, Faeries Valkyrie Faerie Mythology Books & Links Free The Gnomes ;-) Die Screaming ;-) Wicca Wicca Fae Lore Faerie Faith What Is Faerie Faith? Faeries 3rd Road Francesca De Grandis And Good Goddess Sex Guide To Quick Witchcraft ;-) Spirituality, General Spirituality White Robed Monks Catholic & Orthodox Links Dalai Lama Tai Chi Alan Watts Baba Ram Dass Tim Leary Digital Polytheism Robert Aton Wilson Dr Rick Strassman, DMT Principia Discordia Ian Hunter* Church Of The Universe Freemasonary Grand Lodge of BC Knights Templar & Hashish Anti Freemasonry Islam & Jihad The Joy Of Sects ;-) Mormons ;-) Shamanism, Silver Elves, Tree Of Life Deoxy Shamanism R J Stewart, Inner Temple Terrence McKenna Land Mckenna On Mushrooms McKenna & Evolution McKenna's Utopia Jonathan Ott's Phytomphalos Shamanic Healing Mr. Natural ;-) Banyen Books Van BC Pagan Humor,The Best Medicine ;-) Sustainability, BC Biodiversity BC Sustainability Sustainable Forestry Dogwood Initiative BC War On BC Forests BC Environmental Reports Forest Communities Org Saanich Forest Principles Festival of Trees BC Comm. Forest Forum Rainforestweb Canada Links Forestry Certification Forest Road Training Forest Road Rules Forest Sustainability Canadian Forest Accomplishments Elfin Permaculture Space & Spirit Rules: 8 Noble Paths 10 Commandments, 7 Deadly Sins Science, Ethics, Character Core Values Truth, Humility, Faith Compassion, Kindness, Love 3 Secrets Explained Text 3 Secrets


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Elf Lore Sanctuaries IN Lothlorien IN Four Quarters PA Sunshine Coast AU Nimbin AU Pagan Love Cult AU


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UPON THE marshy oak and linden covered island of Sor, when the grass starts forth in the spring, are to be seen, here and there, circles of a deeper green than the surrounding grass, which the people say mark the places where Elves have had their ring dances. While the provost, Lille Strale, was pastor of the parish church, a servant was sent out late one evening to bring a horse in from a pasture. Plodding along as best he could in the darkness, he had not gone far when it was discovered that he had lost his way, and, turn which way he would, he could not find the sought for meadow. Exhausted at last by constant walking, he sat down at the foot of an oak to rest himself. Presently strains of lovely music reached his ears, and he saw, quite near, a multitude of little people engaged in a lively ring dance upon the sward. So light were their footsteps that the tops of the grass blades were scarcely moved. In the middle of the ring stood the ELF QUEEN ERICA herself, taller and more beautiful than the others, with a golden crown upon her head and her clothes sparkling in the moonlight with gold and precious stones. Beckoning to him, she said: "Come, Anders, and tread a dance with me!" and Anders, thinking it would be impolite not to comply with the request of a woman so beautiful, rose and stepped bowing into the ring. Poor lad, he did not know what a fate awaited him who ventured to participate in the sports of the Elves. How the dance terminated is not known, but at its conclusion the young man found himself again under the oak, and from that hour he was never again wholly himself. From being the most dullest and melancholy young man in the village, he became the most lively and cheerful, but before the year had gone, he vanished into the Forest.
From Scandinavian Folk and Fairy Tales

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