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Lonely Town
Lonely Town CD

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Recorded live by Jeff Zeigler, at Uniform Recording in Philadelphia, on August 5 and 7, 2008.

Meg and Laura sing and play guitar, banjo, mandolin and mountain dulcimer.

  1. Sugar Baby (trad)
  2. Silver Raven (Gene Clark / Irving Music, Inc.)
  3. Lavender Gray
  4. Spinning Wheel / Rocket
  5. The Three Babes (trad)
  6. Over the Waterfall (trad)
  7. Little Maggie (trad)
  8. Flowers for Your Hair
  9. Lonely Town
  10. In the Morning

(CD packaged in recycled board jackets)


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sugar baby (traditional)
from our latest album Lonely Town

from our 2003 album At Home

3 little chords
three little chords,
Laura's solo album recorded at home way back when, is available for free download at



The Baird Sisters' "Lavender Gray" is included on the FREE "All Creatures" comp from Sherman Arts. Check it out!