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John Wynne

(1970 - 1982)

The strongest link

John Wynne was the most powerful footballer of his time, possibly the strongest man ever to wear the red and blue. A teammate said having him out there was like playing in a wind tunnel - no one could touch you while John was nearby. If you weren’t on his side, the opposite applied, completely. John was as tough mentally as he was hard at the body; be it injury, opponent or circumstance, nothing could stop him at his peak.

“Two-Eight”, as he was known to all, came to Norwood for one season on his way from West Perth to Victoria.

He stayed for 13, and in that time 11 of the 12 VFL clubs approached him. They had no show. Two Eight fell in love with Norwood, and Norwood fell in love with Two- Eight. He was a practical joker who knew how to upset the opposition verbally as well as physically. But behind the larrikin enforcer exterior was a deep thinker on the game, as well as an exceptional leader.

Every Norwood player willingly followed Two-Eight into the wind tunnel. When a chronic knee complaint finally slowed his unstoppable forward movement, John’s football knowledge was invaluable to the then inexperienced coach Neil Balme. Two-Eight always will be revered at Norwood.

Games: 193 Goals: 110
Premierships: 1975, 1978
Premiership captain: 1975 Captain: 1975-77
Further honours: Norwood Player Life Member, Norwood Team of the Century, NFL Champions of
Australia Night Competition 1977, SA games 8

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