List of Qualified Jurors,

Malacca, 1904.

transcribed from the Straits Settlements Government Gazette, December 23, 1904.

The following list of names are of residents of the settlement of Malacca who were qualified and liable to serve as jurors in the settlement in accordance with the provisions of the law. The settlement at that time was a colony of Great Britain, and was one of the three states that comprised the Straits Settlements (the others being Singapore and Penang). This list of jurors includes many Europeans, as well as the names of a number of Eurasians, Indians, Malays and other non-European residents. Each name is followed by the occupation, and employer's company name, as well as the person's place of abode. The names are arranged alphabetically, by surname. The population of the settlement around this period was about 97,000. [See Supplement No. 2 to the Straits Settlements Government Gazette, dated Friday, January 20, 1905 - The Straits Settlements Medical Report for 1903.]

The names and details were transcribed from the Straits Settlements Government Gazette, of December 23, 1904, available on microfilm from the National Archives, Singapore.

Abdul Jalil bin Abdullah, teacher, Malay College; Limbongan.

Jeronimo Beins, chief clerk, Land Office; Tranquerah.

Leonard Beins, chief clerk, Municipality; Banda Hilir.

Chan Koon Chiang, trader; Jonker Street.

Chan Koon Cheng, trader; Heeren Street.

Chelong Pillay, assistant master, High School; Tranquerah.

Spencer Loret Claessen, assistant master, High School; Fort Terrace.

Jerome De Alwis, clerk of Works, Municipality; Bunga Raya.

Peter De Rozario, land bailiff, Land Office; Tranquerah.

Maximilian De Rozario, surveyor, Public Works Department; Tranquerah.

Gabriel De Silva, draftsman, Survey Department; Church Street.

Raymond Stephen De Souza, assistant financial clerk, Public Works Department; Church Street.

Cypriano De Cruz, inspector of Nuisances, Municipality; Banda Hilir.

Frederick William Dias, store keeper, Public Works Department; Banda Kaba.

Emanuel Dias, teacher, Tranquerah School; Tranquerah.

John Dorai, clerk, Police Department; Banda Hilir.

Andrew Wilfred Ebert, overseer, Public Works Department; Alor Gajah.

Augustine Henry Frederick, assistant master, High School; Banda Hilir.

Joseph Walter Fernandez, surveyor, Survey Department; Tranquerah.

Maximilian J. Gomes, assistant master, High School; Fort Terrace.

Nazario Gomes, assistant master, St. Francis' School, Tranquerah.

Paul Gomes, assistant master, High School; Tranquerah.

Alfred Gardner, assistant master, High School; Bukit Sebukor.

Maurice Hellier, superintendent of Education; --.

James Howell, head master, High School; Fort Terrace.

Francis Xavier Holmberg, clerk of Works, Public Works Department; Banda Hilir.

Charles Edward Horth, assistant master, High School; Fort Terrace.

Maximilian Hendricks, assistant land bailiff, Jasin; Jasin.

Kah Bah Chee, master, High School; --.

Lionel E. Koek, secretary, Municipality; Church Street.

Pillay Punamaller Koopoosamy, surveyor, Public Works Department; Banda Hilir.

R. Kandiah, sub-surveyor, Survey Department; Banda Hilir.

Augustine Leonard Klassen, assistant land bailiff, Alor Gajah; Alor Gajah.

Lewis John Francis Lazaroo, assistant master, St. Francis School; Banda Hilir.

John Lazaroo, chief clerk, Police Department; Banda Hilir.

Lee Chim Hee, trader; Heeren Street.

Lim Kim Seng, clerk, Land Office; Banda Hilir.

Henry Liepenstien, inspector of nuisances, Municipality; Banda Hilir.

Harry Lupton, assistant superintendent of Works, Jasin; Fort Terrace.

Adolphus Miller, land bailiff, Jasin; Jasin.

Neo Ong Tew, trader; Heeren Street.

Naranasamy Pillay, draftsman, Public Works Department; Banda Hilir.

William Nonis, chief clerk, Treasury; Banda Hilir.

Ong Kim Wee, --; --.

Alexander J.F. Paglar, agent, Opium Farm; Banda Hilir.

Edward Walter Paglar, head master, Tranquerah School; Tranquerah.

John Pyne Pennefather, surveyor, Public Works and Survey Department; Banda Hilir.

Savario Maria Peralta, planter; Durian Tunggal.

Charles Pereira, surveyor, Survey Department; Tranquerah.

Poh Kim Tiong, assistant master, High School; Jonker Street.

Anthony A. Rodrigues, chief clerk, Resident Councillor's Office; Church Street.

Emanuel Santa Maria, chief clerk, District Office, Alor Gajah; Alor Gajah.

Benjamin Santa Maria, clerk, Resident Councillor's Office; Kubu.

Honorio Velge Santa Maria, clerk, Survey Department; Tranquerah.

J. Henry Walter Smith, draftsman, Survey Department; Banda Hilir.

Soh Cheng Boon, clerk, Resident Councillor's Office; Heeren Street.

Seow Ban Seng, clerk, Land Office; Heeren Street.

H.L. Sumner, assistant master, High School; --.

Tan Tat Yan, trader; Heeren Street.

Teoh Tiang Chye, dispensary keeper; Heeren Street.

Alexander G. Thexeira, chief clerk, District Office, Jasin; Jasin.

Lewis M. Thexeira, clerk, Public Works Department; Banda Hilir.

Maximilian J. Thexeira, assistant land bailiff; Banda Hilir.

David Thexeira, clerk, Marine Department; Banda Hilir.

James Thomazios, revenue officer; Tranquerah.

Tambaya Supramanien, asistant surveyor, Public Works Department; Goldsmith Street.

C. Tamby Pillay, tracer, Survey Department; Tranquerah.

Llewellyn Gregory Vandort, assistant master, High School; Fort Terrace.

Digby Willoughby, superintendent, Public Works Department; Jasin.

George W. Woodford, overseer, District Office, Alor Gajah; Alor Gajah.

Wee Boon Siang, clerk, Treasury; Tranquerah.

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