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Temple Run becomes popular throughout the app-world

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Escape the man-eating creatures in the new popular game Temple Run.

Escape the man-eating creatures in the new popular game Temple Run.

The latest craze in the app world is the new addicting game called Temple Run.

In this game, “test your reflexes” as you run for your life around an ancient temple while being chased by hungry, human-eating creatures. While trying to avoid obstacles, swipe your thumb across the screen of your iPhone or Droid to jump, turn, slide and avoid obstacles.

Standing as number 39 on the app-store’s top free apps list, it has become a must-have for anyone and everyone who owns smart phones with a touch-screen.

“I think it’s unbelievable how addicting it’s become, I’m surprised it’s not trending on twitter yet,” sophomore Haley Jahn said.

You can level up your character in the game store by collecting coins as you race around the booby-traps.

According to Temple Run’s Facebook fan page, the game was removed from the app store on Nov. 17 until Nov. 23 for updates including new characters, new achievements, friend markers and unlockable wallpapers.

“I went to download Temple Run on my iPod Touch and it wasn’t there. I was so jealous that other people were playing while I had to wait for it to come back to the app-store,” freshman Isabel Gottlieb said.

Overall, Temple Run is a popular, fun and exhilarating game. You can find students throughout the school playing on their phones everywhere you turn. So collect those coins, reach your objectives and run, run, run!


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