• Up to 32 simultaneous players
  • Durable wireless dance pads with display
  • Customize and save your workouts
  • 150+ songs and 500+ dances

Group Exercise Has Never Been This Fun!

Pump It Up Pro is the perfect group fitness activity for all groups young and old. Hook up the Pump It Up Pro fitness system to your display or video projector to accommodate up to 32 players. Wireless, portable pads make setup a snap, and each pad has a LCD display for tracking score, steps, and other information.

Pump It Up Pro fitness includes all features of the arcade version plus fitness extras. “3 Difficulty” mode shows 3 different step patterns side-by-side so that players can dance to whichever one best suits for their skill level. Fitness Mode lets instructors create workout programs with customized songs, difficulties, and lengths.

Players can track their individual progress, track fitness goals, and compete with other groups of players on the Pump It Up Pro fitness website (coming soon).

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