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Public or Private

June 13 2006 at 4:29 PM

What are your thoughts on the relative merits of administering school corporal punishment in public or in private?

At my all boys English grammar school in the 60s both methods were in use but I never really understood the rhyme or reason. If you misbehaved in class the master would often call you out to the front of the class and deliver a good whacking on your behind with a plimsoll in front of the class. Other times he would tell you to report to him after class and give you the slipper in private.

I suppose one advantage from the teacher's point of view of giving a boy a vigorous spanking in front of the class was the deterrent value to all the other boys. On the other hand telling the boy to report after class to have his bottom slippered meant less disruption to the flow of the lesson. I can also see that if all punishments were delivered in public there would be less opportunity for abuse, overstepping any limits on corporal punishment set by the school, or even of the boy accusing the master falsely of such abuse.

Fronm the point of view of the boy bending over and having his bottom slippered I don't think it mattered very much. It wasn't especially humiliating or embarassing to be whacked in front of other boys. We saw it all the time and knew it could happen to us at any time.

If you were sent to the headmaster for the cane it was always, as far as I know, administered in private with just the boy and the headmaster in the room. Certainly the one time I was caned that was what happened. I and another boy were summoned to the headmaster's office and scolded severely together for our misdemeanour. But then when the head said he was going to cane us he told me to go and wait outside while he caned my friend. Then once my friend had been caned and left the study, he called me in, bent me over and gave me three healthy strokes of the cane. It hurt like hell but it wouldn't have bothered me any more if the other boy had watched. So why did he want to cane us in private?

Of course, the issue may be very different in a mixed school. Would boys object to being slippered or caned in front of girls? And if the school allowed corporal punishment for girls would it be OK to give them their spanking in front of the class? I suppose some teenage boys would get a kick out of seeing a teenage girl bending over and having her bottom smacked. But so what?

What do you think?

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Re: Public or Private

June 13 2006, 5:52 PM 

Fun slipperer Arthur Taylor at William Penn School (mentioned in other threads) always ‘oscarised’ boys in front the class. He only punished those in the first and second years and these rituals were seen by pupils as entertainment. "Oh good, a flogging" they would say as Arthur called a boy out.

Punishments were often accompanied by comments from Arthur such as, "Uncle John won’t love you any more" and "Faraday boys always have more bend." Both of these are references to JMH, one of our Honorary Life Members.


May depend on local custom

June 13 2006, 8:37 PM 

Punishments out of the ordinary tend to carry more significance that than the ordinary. For example, if punishment is normally administered in private doing it in public would add significantly to its perceived severity. Conversely, if "minor" punishments are administered on the spot in front of the class delaying them and administering them in private might equally increase their seriousness. All this is quite aside the actual force used in the punishment.


private or public

June 13 2006, 10:51 PM 

At my grammar school boys only were subject to the whack. The slipper was usually public in class or changing room and could be by any teacher.

Only the deputy head and head could cane and it was always in private. I always assumed it was to introduce some delay to the process but also allow the boy to receive more severe punishment in private. it was always over trousers so no problems with embarrasment at baring the bum etc


The Whack

June 13 2006, 11:38 PM 

Interesting that Nick referred to the process of slippering as "the whack". At my (boys only) grammar school a caning was known as "the whack". I even once heard the headmaster suggest that a boy could well soon get "the whack" if there was a recurrence of some misdemeanour or other.

His more usual way of implying a caning penalty would result was to say that boys involved would be dealt with "good, hot and proper". We all knew what that meant!


The Whack or a swishing

June 14 2006, 10:49 AM 

My Maths teacher in the sixth form at an all boys school was a very quietly spoken and respected gentleman who on one occasion asked a boy who had repeatedly failed to produce homework, "Tor****, do you know what a swishing is?" On the hesitant reply of "Yes,sir" he was told to "come to see me in my room after school today."

We all knew what was to happen although I doubt if any of us had heard the expression "swishing" before.

The only parallel words uttered to me in the headmaster's study were, "I'm going to cane you!"


Re: private or public

June 14 2006, 9:12 PM 

Interesting point about the delay before a private whacking being a way of making the punishment more serious. I can see that that would be so - waiting a few hours or even a day or two knowing that you were going get a very sore bottom after a swishing from the headmaster would no doubt be an uncomfortable experience in its own right.

If I think back to situations where I was told to report to a master at some later time for what I assumed would be a good slippering (or perhaps even the cane once in the case of the deputy headmaster) I was certainly apprehensive. But in three situations I can recall where this happened, I ended up getting some alternative punishment such as lines or even nothing more than a severe scolding. Perhaps the masters were using this delay as part of the punishment and never intended to whack me.

The time I actually got the cane from the headmaster I wasn't expecting it until I was called to the study so there wasn't much time to contemplate it. But the couple of minutes outside the study door listening to my partner in crime getting swished were certainly unhappy moments.



June 14 2006, 10:04 PM 

At my grammar school in the late 40s early 50's a caning was always referred to as 'the swish'. I believe it's an old term for a birching but I can't imagine there was ever a time when the birch was in use at The Royal Liberty, Gidea Park! If anyone knows differently I'd be interested to hear from them.


Re: private or public

June 16 2006, 4:13 AM 

Nick says that he believes that some times punishment was given in private in order to be able to give the boy a more serious punishment. I think he's right but I still don't really understand the logic. Certainly at my school, canings were always given in private but I'm not sure why.

If corporal punishment is given to deter the other kids from similar behavious then surely it would be better to give it in public. If some wretched boy is to be given six of the best from the headmaster for bullying or stealing or cheating then wouldn't it be better for other boys in his class or house to see him getting his just deserts?

I suppose you could argue that this would be humiliating for the boy being whacked but I don't really buy that argument. At our school we were all used to seeing boys getting slippered in public every day and to getting a slippering in public ourselves occasionally. So if we were quite prepared to bend over and present our bottoms to a prefect or master for a public slippering, what's the difference in doing the same thing for a caning from the headmaster?

I suppose there might be some concern that the boy might show some signs of his pain when being caned - a squeal, a cry, maybe even breaking down and sobbing. And perhaps canings were administered in private for that reason, to avoid the boy being embarrassed in front of his peers by being unable to take his punishment like a man. But somehow I doubt that that was a real issue. Sure, a caning hurt a lot. But it was part of the culture to take a deserved punishment stoically. Indeed I suspect any boy woud be more likely to endure his strokes in silence if caned in public than he might in private.

So what am I missing? Why were the most severe corporal punishments usually administered in private?


Re: private or public

June 16 2006, 9:04 AM 

I think it's just a continuation of the degree of seriousness again. At my school in the 40s/50s, as at yours, slipperings were given in public for the slightest things and for serious offences boys were sent to the dreaded 'Headmaster's Study' for the cane. For the most serious offences though, and usually when a boy was to be expelled as well, canings were given in public - at Prayers, on the stage. That was a very rare event and I only winessed two in my six years there. But it was the ultimate deterrent!
Incidentally, even those canings were given with the boy fully dressed.


Both in public and private

June 17 2006, 3:25 PM 

Adding to the comments on Canings in private. I can confirm that in the mid 50s at the age of 10 I was caned in public by our teacher, I had been caught cheating during a test. It was a mixed school and I had to take up the position in front of the class, bending over the teachers desk. The three strokes were administered to my trousered bottom, and hurt like hell.
I was caned in private later in my school years during a period of time under the tuition of a lady my mother asked to give me extra lessons to help me with maths.This lady seemed to relish any excuse to have me bend over for her cane, I noticed she had several in a stand and every session started with a cane on her desk always ready??

Lotta Nonsense

Re: Both in public and private

June 18 2006, 7:23 AM 

No, Joseph - every session started with a little Hispanic man running around shouting "It's a plane! It's a plane!"


caning in public

June 18 2006, 11:41 AM 

Dave suggests that six strokes are administered in privte to prevent the other boys/girls seeing the offender in distress. I can assure you that any more than two hard strokes of a senior school cane will have the offender in severe pain and unable to stay in position for the remaining ones. At our school as seniors we were held in position by another member of staff and believe me the intense pain in your bottom made your legs tremble and your cheeks clench and contract as if on fire.
This 'Lotta nonsence' person must be really sad to follow genuine correspondence and reply with childish comments. He would not last 30 seconds in a world of genuine discipline awareness.



Re: private or public

June 21 2006, 9:15 PM 

You see this public private thing really is mysterious. What sense does it make to send a boy to the privacy of the headmaster's study for a caning for more serious offences (implying that the privacy is meant to impress on the wretched boy the seriousness of his offence) but then for really serious offences give the boy a thrashing in front of the whole school? Weird.



June 21 2006, 9:39 PM 

It worked though! Slipperings were commonplace events, most days you would see at least five or six in front of your own class - and God knows how many there were in total each day for the whole school! And you were very lucky to survive a week without experiencing the slipper yourself.
Being sent to the Headmaster's study for the cane though was something every boy really feared. It was the loneliness of being in the Great One's presence behind closed doors. And to be caned was the ultimate deterrent. Not many escaped it at some time in their school career though.
In those days expulsion was looked on as almost as bad as ruin! You were marked as a total failure and a disgrace. The caning before the whole School emphasised the point tenfold.
That's what I mean by it being a continuation of the seriousness of the offence.


Re: Weird?

June 22 2006, 7:28 PM 

Danny says "Being sent to the Headmaster's study for the cane though was something every boy really feared. It was the loneliness of being in the Great One's presence behind closed doors."

Ah yes, I think you put your finger on it Danny. A caning in any context was of course a punishment to be feared. But to be sent to be caned in the Headmaster's study was really scary. Entering that private sanctuary to which you were rarely summoned. Alone with this distant authority figure. Under his complete authority. You were totally helpless and powerless in his presence, on his territory. You knew that the reason you were there was to have extreme pain applied to your backside. But the unfamiliar place, the loneliness away from all your classmates, the placing yourself in his power somehow made the punishment far, far worse.

The time I was caned by the Headmaster in his study, I really didnt know what to expect, how a caning was actually administered. I didn't even know that canings were given over normal clothing, trousers and underpants for protection. God knows that was painful enough. But I was half expecting him to tell me to drop my trousers or maybe my underpants as well. His authority was so absolute that if he had told me to drop my trousers and pants and bend over for a bare bottom caning, I would have obeyed him. That uncertainty and the knowledge that the Great One had ultimate power over what punishment I would receive, made the anticipation of the caning much worse.

Thankfully he didn't tell me to drop my pants. Just took me by the shoulders, turned me round to face the door. and I bent over and presented my bottom to him for whatever punishment he decided I needed. He would decide. And he would punish. The waiting for that first stroke. The agonizing pain and the certainty that more were to follow. That awesome swishing noise that preceded each stroke, the sound of the cane whacking stretched trouser seat and then the pain, that awful burning.

And then standing up when it was all over, trying to hold back the tears, opening the door and walking as bravely as I could past the headmaster's secretary who was sitting outside the study door in the next room where she could hear the sounds of caning from the inner sanctum, sitting quietly at her desk typing away, smiling slightly at me as she sat comfortably on her soft round bottom that hadn't felt the sting of the cane, watching me as I walked painfully past her desk. How miserable I felt, thinking of that contrast between my pain and her comfort.

Lotta Nonsense

Re: Weird?

June 22 2006, 7:35 PM 

. . . and the little Hispanic midget pointing out of the office window and shouting "It's a plane! It's a plane!"


Re: Weird?

June 23 2006, 1:11 AM 

Yes, okay Lotta, whatever you say.

Slippered Sam

Re: caning in public

June 24 2006, 10:43 AM 

I was one of the last batch of pupils to be caned in English state schools, in 1986, at the age of 13. There can't be many under the age of 30 who have felt its sting - for my misdemeanour, a rather dangerous prank; I set off the school fire alarm on the last day before the school holidays. The 20 anniversary would be in about 3 weeks' time.

The procedure was that you were sent to the Head, allowed to make a statement. I couldn't really defend myself, and I heard him ring the prefects' room, and tell them that he needed 2 of them to come in, as he had to give a boy - then the dreaded words 'SIX OF THE BEST'. Fortunately my brother, who was deputy head boy, wasn't available, but I learned afterwards that he wouldn't have expected him to be a witness anyway. The two boys arrived, and escorted me to the toilet - a precautionary measure to prevent 'accidents'. They stood outside while I went into the toilets, and I was told 'he will check if you've put any padding down your pants', then I was escorted back. Another teacher was there, the large punishment book was open, and on the desk the junior cane.

He filled in the punishment book:

Those witnessing signed their names, a teacher and 2 prefects.
There was a column for SIGNATURE OF PUPIL, which I was asked to sign later in the day.

He told me to remove my blazer and hang it on a peg. Then I had to pull out my shirt tail. Before I bent over, he said that if I jumped up before he had finished, he would start the punishment again. And when he had finished, I was to put my hands on my head, and not rub my bottom.

I had to bend over a chair, push my bottom out so that my trousers were tight, and then he prodded round with the cane to make sure there was no padding.

Like Joseph, I had to be held in position. That task was given to the prefects. By the time he had finished, I was crying bitterly. The junior cane was no picnic. I stood up, one prefect tucked my shirt in, and the other passed me my blazer. They escorted me back to the form room with my hands on my head. I hadn't been allowed to wipe my eyes, and the rest of the form knew what had happened.

After the end of the day, when I went to collect the letter to take home and to sign the punishment book the headmaster said that although I was the top boy in my year group, and had done a lot for the school, and my brother was deputy head boy, he had to treat me like anybody else. I told him, without being prompted, that I was very sorry for being so stupid. Then the hardest bit was when there was a knock on the door, and in came my brother - the first time I had seen him since the incident. He looked at me, and my eyes filled with tears, and I said 'I'm sorry for letting you down'. But the headmaster, who was basically a kindly man, who had the welfare of his charges at heart, said 'It's all over now - go and enjoy your holiday.'

According to the 'ethos' of our family, I could never say I hadn't deserved it. All the slipperings I had, I felt were just. But I wasn't slippered or caned again after that incident.

Lotta Nonsense

Re: caning in public

June 24 2006, 10:56 AM 

Sam, you live in a DREAM world.


Re: caning in public

June 24 2006, 11:26 AM 

Perhaps we all live in a dream world Lotta? Just as you cannot prove that Sam's discipline did not take place, you cannot prove that reality exists.

Slippered Sam

Re: caning in public

June 24 2006, 2:40 PM 

Of course, perhaps we should embrace the philosophy of Solipsism - the view that everything is a figment of 'my' imagination. There is nothing outside my mind. There is a branch of the Christian religion which seems to believe that pain is illusory. I never had a caned bottom. I don't need to sit on the toilet. The discomfort I feel is a figment of my imagination. There is no waste matter to come out of my body. Anything bad and evil doesn't exist.

This is all silly talk. But you can't prove whether I am right or wrong, and neither can I. Feeling doesn't count.

Slippered Sam

The Canings Really Happened

June 26 2006, 1:21 PM 

At our school, a lot of pupils lived some distance away, and after-school detentions were not practical. I think that was the reason that caning went on virtually 'up to the wire', ie until the punishment became illegal by act of parliament.


Caned over gym shorts

September 21 2010, 10:40 PM 

Always was caned over gym shorts when told to go to headmasters office and rarely received less than 4 of the best.
The showers all boys had red weils at some time and one got a slippering by the gym master on the bare for masturbating.
Love to meet others still wanting a revisit. iloilo (at) mail.com


Called out at assembly

September 22 2010, 3:33 AM 

In the public v private debate my experience was being called out by the headmaster during assembly for whispering while he was addressing the school. It was well known that if you misbehaved in assembly the headmaster would cane you. When You were called out you had to stand facing the wall of the school hall with your hands on your head. At the conclusion of assembly the headmaster ordered you to his office and you waited until he was ready to see you and then you received your punishment. I don't think there was much of a deterrent value is that situation as there was someone who had to see the headmaster after assembly most weeks; then again maybe it did as I was only punished for un-assembly like conduct once.


Re: Public or Private

September 22 2010, 11:53 AM 

At my school CP was always done on the spot in class, never in private and never by the headmaster. If you were sent to the headmaster it would be for a much more serious reason than a caning, like being expelled from school or asking you to bring your parents with you the next day, or some other big change in your school conditions.
We all dreaded the non-caning headmaster a lot more than any CP in class. Even the teachers were scared of him and held him in awe, it wouldn't usually mean good news if he sent for them for a chat.


Re: Public or Private

September 22 2010, 1:27 PM 

At my school we hardly had any corporal punishment lucky me. My wife though was given the slipper
a number of times. She laughs when she tells me the horror of being called out in front of her class mates boys and girls and getting whacked. Caning which was pretty rare was done in private deputy head or head only. Funny days.


Re: Public or Private

September 22 2010, 6:11 PM 

Hi Davies

At my school we hardly had any corporal punishment lucky me.

You were only lucky if something worse than CP wasn't substituted. Is an hour's detention (for example) really better than a couple of whacks with a slipper?

My wife though was given the slipper a number of times. She laughs when she tells me the horror of being called out in front of her class mates boys and girls and getting whacked.

It was the same at my school and, like your wife, I laugh about it now. You say your wife recalls "the horror...." Was that a serious reaction or does she use the term light-heartedly? I ask because I didn't consider getting the slipper in class as being all that serious and certainly not in any way "horrific". We were all (boys and girls) treated equally so it was just something that happened if we were caught misbehaving in class.


Public or Private

September 23 2010, 1:45 AM 

My wife also received corporal punishment when she was a schoolgirl. She received the slipper twice and the cane once. One of her slipperings was in class and when I asked her how she felt she said she felt embarrassed and she was blushing when her teacher was slippering her. Her punishment was four strokes of the slipper, her second slippering was in a classroom with just her and her teacher and she was slippered for being out of bounds during lunch. Her caning was in private and it was for fighting


Public or private

September 23 2010, 6:39 PM 

While at high school from 1957-1959 I was caned several times. Mostly it was semi privately as it was a co ed school. If it was an all boys class you were called out to the front of the class and ordered to bend over touching toes, and usually 2 - 4 strokes of the cane was administered to your backside. If it was a mixed class then you were sent either into the corridor or to the teacher's staff room where a similar sentence was carried out. Most of my canings happened semi privately, ie in the corridor where although they couldn't see it happen, the girls could hear it and then when you were returned to the classroom in front of the teacher who was still carrying the cane, you were scrutinized for signs of tears. In my case I usually had a very red face mostly from embarassment.

The exception was just before I turned 15 years old in 1958 when a good friend and I had a falling out over something pretty tivial and we told each other to "F" off. In those days the "F" word was a huge no no and unfortunatley for us we were overheard by the teacher on playground duty. We werte ordered to report to the staffroom at 1pm. (It was during lunch break.) So at 1pm both of us were standing outside the staffroom door as all the teachers came out, glanced at us then went to their classes. The teacher that had caught us swearing was going to be our geography teacher for the first period after lunch. As he came out of the staffroom he told us to wait there, while he went and got the class started. He reurned 10 - 15 minutes later and told us to follow him into the staffroom. There was a young female teacher at a long table marking a pile of exercise books, but Mr.... went over to a tall wooden cupboard and got out a cane.

He then got a ordinary school desk chair and odered my friend to bend over the back of it reaching down the front legs as far as he could so he was tightly bent over, then he gave him four hard strokes. I could see the cane sinking into the tightly stretched shorts. After the fourth stroke my friend was told to stand up and move over to where I was standing with his hands on his head.
Then I was told to come to the chair and bend over the same as my friend had done. I too got four hard strokes. After we were admonished to watch ouur language from then on, we were told that we could go back to class. While both of us had taken the caning silently, both of us had tears in our eyes and in my case I could feel a tear trickling down my cheeks. As we left the staffroom the young female teacher was looking at us wide eyed. On the way to class we popped into the toilets and had a look at the damage. In both cases it looked as though the skin was just about broken and we were going to bleed.

That was my last caning. The welts/bruises stayed on my backside for more than two weeks. When I had been caned before it was usually a 2 or 3 stroke caning and the welts/bruises stayed for a week or so.

Ted B


Re: Public or Private

September 23 2010, 11:04 PM 

When I was in high school here in Australia during the 1960's,aside from the agonizing sting, the worst part was that rubbing and blubbing as you made your way back to your form room and going past classrooms full of girls and boys who then knew you were a "crybaby".Being a "crybaby" or "sissy" was the worst shame for teenage lads and I was such a boy.Tears would be streaming down my cheeks as I entered my form room and the looks of disgust,particularly from the girls,was awfull.


I am sceptical, Mr Bear

September 24 2010, 6:57 PM 

I do not wish to assume the mantle of the departed Lotta Nonsense. However, Edward Bear's account cannot pass unchallenged. There are three reasons why I question its veracity. First, the expression "a huge no-no" is used. As I have observed in another thread, poeple who tell us they got whacked for something that was a big no-no are generally fantasists. Secondly, the presence of that young female teacher sounds improbable. Would I be right in supposing that she had long black hair, wore thick-rimmed glasses and was stunningly beautiful? Thirdly, there is a bit too much detail. Credibility decreases in direct proportion to the amount of detail. As Lotta would say, can we have the name and location of the co-ed secondary school you were attending in the 1950s?

Alan S


Re: Public or Private

October 10 2010, 5:23 PM 

At my grammar in the mid sixties all caning were done in private. In all my time at the school there was only one public caning and that was a 15 year old who received 6 in front of the assembled school for stealing another lads football boots. It was a well given six, full force and was the talk of the school for some time.


Re: Public or Private

October 10 2010, 7:37 PM 

There was one incident at my grammar school in the 60's that we all thought might lead to a public caning. A boy had reported that something quite valuable was missing, presumed stolen, from his locker. The headmaster called a special assembly of the whole school and arranged for the prefects to conduct a search of all the lockers while we all waited in suspense to see if anyone was going to be caught red-handed.

Well nothing was found, so it all fizzled out. (I don't know whether the missing article was ever found.) But we were having visions of some unfortunate boy being dragged up to the front platform by a couple of prefects and the headmaster going back to his study and emerging with a cane to conduct a public thrashing in full view of the whole school.

Ah well, we could dream...


Re: Public or Private

October 10 2010, 10:18 PM 

Hi Keith

Ah well, we could dream...

...until it's announced that the missing property had been found (having been planted of course) in your locker. sad.gif Then that dream becomes a nightmare. wink.gif


Re: Public or Private

October 10 2010, 10:25 PM 

Hi Jenny

...until it's announced that the missing property had been found (having been planted of course) in your locker. Then that dream becomes a nightmare.

Hmmm... yes you have a point! I always wondered what a caning would be like, but I definitely wouldn't have wanted to find out in public!


Re: Public or Private

October 13 2010, 6:34 PM 

My Monday morning assemblies were never this entertaining, but to think my parents had this school down as second choice.

word on the grape vine and between ex school friends , these public canings were continuing well into the late 70s, Harper Smith being a bit of a Jekel and Hyde

here, a couple of memories from FR

T.(om) Harper Smith Headmaster , I heard that he got in a
spot of bother at some time in the 70's , is this true ?
A ruddy faced bloke who was already about 50 when I joined in 63.
Seemed very religious, perhaps this explains why he got the
job in a church school, Was not adverse to a spot of corporal
punishment particuarly in front of school. Any one else
remember these occasions. I do remember one instance in particular when some boys
in the lower year at ackmar decided to do a bit of 'Alternative'
shopping in the little sweet shop just by the underground
railway bridge in parsons green lane. They got it , up front in
assembly on one of the full school assemblies (usually Mondays)

We used to joke that he always said before a session that the
caning was going to hurt him more than the reciepient, but I
dont think that was the case at all as he seemed to me at least
to be quite a brutal sort of character. When grown men of 50+
were allowed to whack mere 13 year olds there was always
going to be something wrong.

Thank heavens this has ALL stopped now.

This is ONE of MY memories of the top man in SMS.

Terry Benwell

Miss Anderson Deputy Head

Small old and fiery had a thing about hats being worn remember the Boaters nigh on indistructable and what about Mr Gregorovski not to sure on the spelling but boy did he have a temper - yes I remember the days of the public canings by Harper Smith

Katherine Lomas


Headmaster's Study

November 17 2010, 6:59 AM 

There was something about waiting outside the Headmaster's study when you were in trouble and I agree that there was a mystique about the long wait. I only visited my headmaster when I was sent to his study to be punished or when he was addressing the school during assembly. My memory of my Headmaster's study is of the maroon coloured carpet, the cupboard where the canes were kept, the musty smell and the dark green punishment book where you name, offence and the number of strokes of the cane you had received were recorded.

I think that being sent to the Headmaster made everyone aware that you were in serious trouble and that you were going to be severly punished. I cannot comment on its sucess as a deterrent as I was caned by my secondary school Headmaster four times and there seemed to be a lot of boys making the trip to his study. I was unfortunate enough to have received the maximum number of strokes the first time I visited him and on each subsequent visit.

A caning at my secondary school was a formal process of being scolded firmly, being informed that you were going to be caned, the selection (one of three canes); the producing of the cane he chose to whack you with, the flexing of the cane, the command to bend over and touch your toes, the order to raise your blazer, the tapping of the cane against your bottom, the announcement of the number of strokes you were going to receive and finally the dreaded administering of the strokes.

After the punishment was administered you were given permission to stand up, the cane was placed back in the cupboard, the headmaster resumed his seat and recorded your details in the punishment book. Then you were promptly dismissed and you emerged from the study in a great deal of pain. There was nothing untoward about the process, it was very formal and maybe that is why it had such an impact on me when I was a schoolboy. Because you were whacked in public for every conceivable offence, the impact of a public whacking did not seem as great to me. For me a private caning was an experience I will never forget.


Re: Public or Private

November 19 2010, 9:40 AM 

No recolection of a thrashing in ful view of the School assembly or during a mass gathering.

There was summary CP all the time in corridors/playground or just about anywhere else.Those could only be witmnessed by others within eyshot.

The usual "Out for the belt/Cane" in front of the class was the most common scene.

Some Teachers were noted for giving CP in private.Those thrashings were always severe and often without much justice.It was obvious to any of us that there was a sexual thrill element attched to those thrashings and it wasn`t the Pupils that were getting the thrill!

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