5 Best Political Cameos In Comic-Books

Barack Obama's appeared in a comic. Who else?

So, Barack Obama's shown-up in Spider-Man. Considering the fact that one of the Total Film team is wearing a Obama t-shirt as we type this, we'd say that's pretty much the best comic-book cameo ever.

All we need to do now is convince Sam Raimi that he needs to stick Obama into Spider-Man 4 and we'll be the happiest film magazine in London.

And, while we're at it - we'd like Hollywood to stick this lot onto the silver screen, please.

Gordon Brown - Captain Britain

Appeared in: Secret Invasion: Captain Britain #1

Brown's been banging on about how he's saved the world recently. The Tories mocked him, thinking that he boasting about his economic plan. But maybe, just maybe, Browny boy was boasting about his appearance in the Captain Britain comic last year.

Because in that comic, he actually does save the world.

After discovering that three of his Cabinet members are really Skrulls in disguise, Brown devises a plan to destroy the alien menace using maps and everything. He then briefs Captain Britain and his mates and basically saves humanity.

Who should play him in the film version:
David Morrissey.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it - Morrissey made a sublime Brown in The Deal, arguably acting Michael Sheen off the screen. Get him in a room with a man dressed in a preposterous lycra suit now, Hollywood!

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    • Gorty

      Nov 10th 2010, 23:03

      Why didn't you put Hitler? He was in many comics.

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