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The School Masters

Early history of the school is somewhat patchy as the first log book the school has commences in 1872, when Mr. Pollard was the Master. Average attendance at this time was 72, which was reported as "good".

Mr. G. Slater followed Mr. Pollard, for a very short reign.

William Lord

In January 1877, Mr. William Lord moved into the Master's house with his large family. A Yorkshireman originating from Sheffield, Mr. Lord certainly believed that to spare the rod spoiled the child.  The logbook has frequent entries detailing floggings administered, usually for idleness. His own son was a frequent victim!

At a time when such punishment was accepted as normal, Mr. Lord stands out as being particularly keen on the cane. He records, on 22nd September 1882, "no corporal punishment for the whole week. Two or three cases would have been better punished".

Another punishment favoured by Lord was to keep the children in after school, for up to one and a half hours a day!  Unsurprisingly this did not prove popular with the parents. He records, on 12th August 1879, "Mrs Howell objects to her children being kept in for lessons. Mrs. Pridmore objects also. I promise not to flog but not to abstain from keeping them in."