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Banyan Drive Hawaii

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Situated near the Hilo Town's International Airport and circling the Waiakea Peninsula, Banyan Drive draws people with fifty banyan trees, popular resort destinations, and views of Kuhio Bay and Hilo Bay. As the drive rounds west along the peninsula, visitors find themselves in the Liliuokalani Gardens, where Lihiwai Street continues the path along the coast line.


In 1934, the year President Franklin Roosevelt visited Hilo Town, Banyan Drive was made of crushed coral. However, it was decided to build a better drive and invite celebrities to plant trees here. Within four years, nearly 40 new Banyan trees were planted.

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  • How Long We're Here: About 5 minutes when time permits, otherwise typically a drive-by location.
  • Location: Hilo town waterfront, Big Island of Hawaii.
  • Amenities: Photo opportunity.
  • Insider Tip: If you have time, talk a quick walk out to nearby Coconut Island!
  • Fun Fact: Banyan Drive is also known as Hilo’s Walk of Fame for all the trees planted by celebrities.
  • Pop Culture: Amelia Earhart was one of several world explorers to plant a tree here.

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