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Welcome to Jacomb.com. This website is dedicated to Jacomb family research and study of the Jacomb name. The site encompasses all permutations of the name including Jacomb, Jacombs, Jacombe, Jacom & Jacomb-Hood. Here you will find all you need to get started in looking for Jacomb ancestors or relatives or study of the surname.

The site has been online since 15th June 2001 and is gradually growing both in content and in visitor numbers. The site is owned & maintained by Matthew Paul Jacomb.

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Civil Registration Records
Check out the Births, Marriages and Deaths sections to search for your ancestors.
1841, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891 & 1901 Censuses
Take a peek at the Jacombs in the UK over 100 years ago in the 1841, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891 & 1901 censuses.
Wills & Administrations
Search for wills and administrations proved in England & Wales by Jacombs since 1659.
Jacombs in Print
Browse the UK publications penned by Jacombs.

Latest News: (past news here)

09/10/2009. About the adverts on Jacomb.com ...

A quick explanation of their appearance and that they will not be staying.

If you've been to the website over the last 3 or so months you will probably have noticed the banner adverts at the head and foot of each page which until recently were absent.

I'd like to point out that I neither sought to have the adverts on the site nor do I wish them to remain on here - their sudden appearance came as a surprise to me. I do not receive any financial reward for either their display or for any traffic they direct to the advertiser or any resultant sales.

Due to a fortunate glitch at the web hosting company some years ago, Jacomb.com has been some hosted entirely for free without any adverts required to pay for it. Unfortunately this glitch now appears to have been fixed around 3 months ago and banners are now appearing.

I intend to have the banners removed in the long term, but for the moment ask visitors to bear with me and ignore them in the short term. These banner adverts will not be staying.

30/07/2008. Further Court cases now online.

A second batch of court cases from the Old Bailey has been added to the Jacombs in Court page.

03/03/2008. New entries in Marriages index.

A further year of marriages (those for 1917) has been added to the marriages index. The index now covers the period 1837-1917.

02/03/2008. New entries in Births index.

I've added 4 further years of births to the births index. The index now covers the period 1837-1907.

18/07/2007. 1 new Jacombs in 1841 Census.

Thomas Jacombs of Totteridge, Herts added.

05/07/2007. New 'Jacomb Obituaries' page.

Another angle on those Jacombs no longer with us.

Another new page goes online today dealing with obituaries of Jacombs. This new resource commences with the obituaries of Councillor Bernadette Stamatov (née Jacomb) (1969-2005) and Rev. Robert Jacomb (c.1752-1833). Many thanks to Monica H. Jacomb who has contributed the obituary of Bernadette.

20/06/2007. New 'Jacombs in Court' page.

Records of Jacombs appearing in court cases now online.

There's a new page on Jacomb.com as of today with details of a selection of court cases in which Jacombs have been involved in one capacity or another. There's even a couple of cases where the accused were sentenced to death! As with other pages on the website this is going to be a grower, with more info added over time as it comes to light. I'm aware of a number of other court cases which are not currently on the Jacombs in Court page added today so they will be added as a second tranche sooner rather than later.

Visitors should also be aware that the Guestbook is currently out of operation due to a technical problem (not of my doing!) on the service provider's server. All entries are backed up safely and will be reinstated at the earliest opportunity. Thanks to Michael Jacombs for letting me know about the problem ;-).

19/06/2007. Henry Jacombs added to Military records.

Pertinent details of Henry Jacombs who served in India in the 19th Century have been included.

07/06/2007. Monica H. Jacomb joins researchers.

Monica has been added to the list of researchers studying Jacombs.

16/12/2006. 1841 Census Update.

More Jacombs added to the 1841 Census.

19 new Jacombs have today been added to the 1841 Census on Jacomb.com. This includes 4 individuals in Leicestershire and 15 in London (Middlesex). This takes the total number of Jacomb entries from the 1841 census now on Jacomb.com up to 106. More census updates coming over the next few weeks so keep checking back.

Visitors may have noticed that the wills for the period 1951-1960 which had been added to the site in June were nowhere to be found. This was due to an oversight on my part and I'm happy to say the wills in question are now fully linked to throughout the Wills section and may be found here.

Matt Jacomb.

Updates: (past updates here)

- Added 7 further cases from the Old Bailey to the list on the Jacombs in Court page.

- Updated Michael John Jacomb's contact details on Research page.

- Added 4 years of Births from 1904-1907.

- Added a JACOMBS individual to Jacomb & variant entries in the 1841 Census of England & Wales:
    (1) Thomas JACOMB, Totteridge, Herts.

- New Jacomb Obituaries page added under UK Records.

- Added images of corresponding ribbons to the list of Honours and Awards received by Jacombs on the Miscellaneous Records page.

- Added image of an OBE medal with military ribbon to British Honours and Awards section of Miscellaneous Records page.
- Added image of 1914-15 Star, British War Medal and Victory Medal to Medal Entitlement Records section of WW1 Military Records page .

- New Jacombs in Court page added under UK Records.

- Added details of Henry Jacombs, who served with the 2nd Bengal European Light Cavalry, to the Military records page.

- Added Monica H. Jacomb to Research page.

- Error in 1901 Census transcription noted:
    (1) County of Surrey, Parish of Wallington, occupation of Charles JACOMB is down as 'Wood Brokers Clerk'; note added that this should be 'Wool Brokers Clerk'. Many thanks to Samantha Kent for bringing attention to this.

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