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SiC Fuel Cladding

Posted June 17, 2010

Silicon Carbide fuel cladding was one of the topics discussed in multiple venues at this year’s ANS Annual Meeting.  From what was presented it appeared that most organizations have not yet solved the problem associated with joining the SiC to itself in a form that would yield both mechanical strength and pressure containment in a neutron rich environment.  In keeping with the mission of the NFC, we are now trying to use our multi-industry experience to assist the NFC members the nuclear marketplace.  EWI has been working with commercial and government clients since the early 2000’s to deploy SiC joining solutions for a cadre of applications.   The technologies developed by EWI for joining of ceramic materials include metallization for brazing, metallization for soldering, laser joining and an arc welding solution.  The NFC is working disseminate these technologies as quickly as possible so the nuclear industry can quickly capitalize on what has already been developed for other markets.

Posted by Nate Ames

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