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London Underground Ghosts-British Museum Station

Probably the most famous ghost on the London Underground can be found at the abandoned British Museum station. The station closed on the 25 September, 1933. Some people claim that the British Museum station on the Central Line is haunted by the ghost of an ancient Egyptian mummy from the nearby Museum.

The ghost is connected to the curse of the Amen-Ra's tomb. Dressed in an impressive loincloth and headdress, the figure of an Egyptian Princess would return from the grave late at night and would wail and scream in the tunnels. A more recent report states that these sounds can now be heard further down the track, at Holborn station.

The rumours of the ghost grew so strong that a newspaper offered a reward to anyone who would spend the night there. No one volunteered to do this.

In 1935, two years after the station's closure, the story takes a stranger turn. The comedy thriller, Bulldog Jack, used the legend as its premise which included a secret tunnel from the station to the Egyptian room at the Museum. On the same night that the film was released, two women disappeared from the platform at Holborn - the next station along from where British Museum was. Marks were later found on the walls of the closed station.

More sightings of the ghost were reported along with strange moanings from the walls of the tunnels. Eventually the story was hushed up as London Underground has always denied the existence of the tunnel from the station to the Egyptian Room.

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British Museum Station, London Underground
British Museum Station, London Underground
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