The Finch Hatton Arms
Bar, Restaurant & Hotel
Main Street, Ewerby, Lincolnshire, NG34 9PJ, England.
Phone: +44 1529 460363
The Finch Hatton Arms was built as an Inn and was auctioned in 1875. It was intended to replace the cottage Pub called The Angel Inn which was situated just to the North of the present building and closer to the roadside.

It was purchased by the Haverholme Estate then owned by the Finch Hatton family thus taking the family crest as it’s name ; The Finch Hatton Arms. It was run by a manager as a kind of ‘Shooting Lodge’ for the Gentleman’s Estate which offered Hunting, Fishing and Shooting.

The estate was auctioned in 1926 with The Finch Hatton Arms being offered as a Public House and a working Farm. However, it appears that the Farm aspect remained with the Estate with the Public House being bought by the Ind Coope and Alsops Brewery. It remained as a Brewery Tied-House until 1967 when it was bought by a well-known local business man, Mr. Reg Brealey. He modernised it and employed a manager to run it as a typical village Public House offering the standard games of Darts, Dominoes, etc. and live entertainment on week-end evenings.

In 1972, the establishment changed hands once again with a major shift in the style of operation. The new owner was Mr. Jim Fenner , a businessman from Leicester who transformed the place into a London-class Restaurant. He commissioned a local man , Mr. Philip Carroll, to decorate the interior with Hand-painted and Hand-crafted scenes and artifacts typical of Lincolnshire Rural Life. The place offered ‘Haute Cuisine’ and was renowned all over the East of England.

After a successful period operating in this way Mr. Fenner shrewdly realised that the future was in faster, more economical food, and so he opened the Thatch Bar and Restaurant. This facility offered a limited range of simpler food at affordable prices allowing people to dine out on weekly basis and not just on special occasions.

Misfortune struck with Mr. Fenner passing away leaving his wife Ann to run the place. She eventually married one of their ex-Chefs Mr. Gavin Fleming who was disappointed that the Thatch Restaurant was more successful than his A La Carte Restaurant. His solution was to close the Thatch Restaurant down believing that the customers would return to the more lavish (and more expensive) style of dining. He was wrong and the inevitable result was that the business closed down and did not re-open for nearly a year.


"The Angel Inn trees" still stand today
Again, the place went through a transformation with the new owner, Mr. John Slingsby, developing the Tudor-style Bar and Restaurant present today. He also re-introduced the type of cuisine offered in the Thatch Restaurant.

Finally, in 1987 the present owners, Jill and Paul Hodson, bought The Finch Hatton Arms and in 1988 took the establishment full circle by re-introducing accommodation but this time full en-suite Hotel Rooms. The menu has also been developed to broaden the type of food from basic bar meals to encompass the use of different potatoes, fresh vegetables and sauced dishes.

The Function Room also underwent refurbishment in 1986 to introduce small-medium conference and meeting room facilities thus giving The Finch Hatton Arms the ability to compete with any other establishment in the area.