In Jets'n'Guns, you make your way across alien landscapes, blasting anything that moves, collecting cash and power-ups as they fall from the sky, and hot-rodding between levels... Two devil horns up for this retro masterpiece.
Titled 'BEST GUILTY PLEASURE' in Macworld's 2006 Game Hall of Fame
Peter Cohen, Macworld

Fast paced action, ship customization adds RPG element, tons of weapons, hours of replayability, stunning weapons effects great music, addicting gameplay.
rating 9.2/10
S. Allred, Gamershell

Tolle Grafik, Hammersound, unkompliziertes Spielprinzip - solch frischen Wind brauch das Genre.
rating 81%
Joachim Hesse, PC Action DE

Meine Güte, da bleibt einem doch glatt die Spucke weg! Ihr habt schon Glück, dass ich es überhaupt geschafft habe, diesen Artikel hier anzufangen. Von dem Moment an, als Jets'n'Guns zum ersten Mal über den Monitor flimmerte, konnte ich meine Finger nicht von dem Spiel lassen..."
rating 8.5/10
Benjamin Boerner, GBase

Für dieses Genre ist es ein wirklich gut gelungenes Spiel, was sich durchaus mit seinen grossen Brüdern messen kann.
rating 4/5

If you took World War II planes, equipped them with homing rockets, megaton bombs, and lots of other flashy weaponry and put them in outer space, you have Jets’n’Guns...
rating 9/10
D. Amirian, Gamersmark

The first thing noticeable in the intro is the incredible music, recorded by metal band Machinae Supremacy... The graphics are extremely well done as well, with an astonishing degree of motion and life. There's no reason not to try it...
Insomniac, CNET User Reviews

Holy Majumbo! An awesome looking 2D shooter, with one of the finest game soundtracks I've heard in a long time...
M. Kasprzak, Gametunnel

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