About TLOA

Our Mission:

The only organization representing private lakefront owners dedicated to protecting their right to the exclusive enjoyment of their property and to preserving the beauty and quality of Lake Tahoe.

Our History:

Tahoe Lakefront Owners' Association was founded in 1974 in response to the State of California's attempt to claim ownership to the high water mark without offering compensation. Since that time, TLOA has been a stalwart supporter of lakefront property rights.

Our Organization:

The association monitors local, state and federal regulatory agencies and issues as they affect shoreline owners. Our dedication to property rights advocacy while seeking environmental balance is the basis of our association.

TLOA represents the interests of approximately 1,700 privately owned lakefront parcels around Lake Tahoe. Those owners include individuals, multiple families, corporations, partnerships, condominium and homeowner associations, marinas, restaurants, tourist accommodations, and real estate interests.

TLOA believes in:

  • The right to wharf out - as protected by our constitution
  • Safe Harbor - Safe Boating
  • Incentive-based planning - to encourage shared facilities
  • Increased public access on existing public beaches, and protection of private beaches against trespass and environmental degradation caused by unsupervised public access
  • Lake Tahoe's top 6' is a reservoir, the conditions between high and low elevation cannot be considered "natural" and since the TRPA is precluded from management of the elevation, the impacts and mitigations should take this into account
  • Fairness and equity in any program. Discriminating against private properties in favor of public is unacceptable. Certainly, this was never envisioned when the TRPA Compact was signed in 1969, and does not have a place in this process
  • Balanced and reasonable mitigation programs and fees based on sound science and accurately identified impacts
  • Regulatory agencies that do not exceed their authority
  • Cooperation between stakeholders to work toward fair and feasible solutions
  • Encouraging buy-in at all levels and in all sectors of the private and public sectors to develop and implement sustainable environmental improvement
  • Consensus building where possible among agencies and property owners
  • Recognition for private property rights and responsibilities
  • Streamlined permitting

We believe that our strength lies in our membership, it's diversity and willingness to unite on important issues that include participation and stewardship in improving the Lake Tahoe environment.

Our Members:

Membership in the Tahoe Lakefront Owners' Association is voluntary.  We are entirely membership funded and accept no advertising or special interest funding. Our member information is private and confidential. It is important to remember that our efforts benefit every owner, and it is our goal to include every owner as a member. Please visit our membership page to see how you can participate in these ongoing efforts.

Our Board:

Our Board of Directors is committed to the goals of the association in behalf of lakefront property owners. Just like the diversity of our members, the Board is comprised of owners from around the Lake.

President: Gary Sitzmann - Tahoma
Chairman Emeritus: Reid Dennis - Tahoe City
Secretary-Treasurer: Gordon Hooper - Tahoe City


Greer Arthur - Tahoe City                                    Eleanor Killebrew-Brown - Zephyr Cove       
Bert Damner - Homewood    
Dale A. Frost - South Lake Tahoe
George C. Hill - Tahoe City
Grant Inman - Rubicon     
Todd A. Lowe - Incline Village   
Max Messmer - Carnelian Bay
David Olson - Cedar Flat     
Ned Spieker - Rubicon
Judy Swanson - Rubicon     
William S. Thompson - Rubicon
David Traitel - Glenbrook

Executive Director: Jan Brisco

Our Efforts:

  • Monitor legislation in Nevada & California
    • TLOA was instrumental in lobbying the Nevada Legislature to repeal unreasonable lease fees for piers and buoys.
    • TLOA effected changes in California Leases from 5 to 10 year terms and fought hard to adopt and maintain rent-free status for most lakefront owners.
  • Protect lakefront owners from Public Trust abuses
  • Promote reasonable and fair regulation for lakefront properties
    • Participant in The Regional Plan Update process
    • Participant in the TRPA Shorezone Ordinances
  • Carefully review and monitor important cases at the state and federal level for impact to lakefront properties
  • Oversee the adoption, implementation, and interpretation of shorezone regulation
  • Participate in Stewardship programs for endangered species and environmental improvement
  • Dedicated to preserving the purity and clarity of the Lake, the health of our forests, the cleanliness of our air and the overall improvement of our environment

Agency & Organization Oversight:

TLOA monitors the following agencies & organizations:

Federal: Federal Water Masters, US Army Corps of Engineers, US Coast Guard, US Fish & Wildlife Service, US Forest Service
Regional: Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, Truckee River Operating Agreement
State of California: CalTrans, Department of Fish & Game, Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board, State Lands Commission, Tahoe Conservatory
State of Nevada: Department of Fish & Wildlife, Department of Transportation, Department of Water Resources, Division of State Lands, Legislative Bureau Oversight Committee
County: Douglas, El Dorado, Placer, Washoe, Carson City
Other: Tahoe Water Trail, UC Davis Environmental Research Center