U.S. State Visit - June 1958, Start of Ticker Tape Parade -  New York City 

President Carlos Garcia - Signing SSS Bill 
Oath taking with Mrs. Leonila D. Garcia, First Lady and Executive Secretary Juan C. Pajo before Chief Justice Ricardo Paras - December 30, 1957


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THE NEW GOVERNANCE                         

The unprecended growth of tourism in Bohol is not solely attributable to the beaches and scenic beauty of Bohol.
It is the product of unique solidarity of the people of Bohol to its National and local officials who have demonstrated the decisive role of technical and political support to local entrepreneurs, capitalists and labor groups  to bond together to make every centavo of government and private investment succeed.

The best proof of this inspiring governance is the picturesque landscape and modern houses that dot the 600 kilometers circumferential road that that traverses the whole island.

Joint the tour and get pictures to prove the progress of Bohol.



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Novelist Sionel Jose recently came out with 2 books with alarming rhetorical questions: “Are we poor?” and “Why are we hungry?”

Writing within the 4th generation after General Emilio Aguinaldo, the first President of the Philippine Republic of 1898, the message is unmistakably clear: the Republic has failed and the leaders have not found the cure.

At the turn of the century, the Philippines is the only country in the asean region that has attained political independence.  Although it was granted by United States, the Filipinos had to wage a revolution against Spain to be freed from foreign denomination. in spite of having been a regular member of the United Nations since 1946, the country’s economic performance has been grossly inadequate to meet the needs of its growing population. It has now more than 90 million people but majority of its working population is underemployed and unemployed.

It earns most of its foreign exchange, not from the export of manufactured goods and processed agricultural products, but from Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW’S) that number almost 8 million all over the world.  Their remittances average 14 billion U.S.  dollars annually or around P672 billion pesos amounting to around 50% of the p1.3 trillion national budget.

Because of the cold war rivalry between the western block and the eastern block over democracy and communism, the Philippines never succeeded in gaining control of its economy in spite of the constitutional mandate to place the economy under the effective control of Filipinos.

Military and defense issues have dominated the relations between the Philippines and the U.S. Most Filipino nationalists believe this military alliance has led to too much deregulation, privatization, liberalization of trade, lifting of tariffs barriers and lately, the unrestricted entry of foreign capital into banking and finance.

The opening of the President Carlos P. Garcia Foundation is believed timely.  The foundation has chosen the theme: “THE GOLDEN ERA OF PHILIPPINE NATIONALISM, POST WAR: THE FIRST FILIPINO POLICY” because the cold war is over and the non-aligned movement is now replaced by the clamor of developing countries in the north and the south for modification of the present globalization. Under pinning the demand for amendment is the managed capitalism of China as model for development.  The lazzies fairre market capitalism of the U.S., is now being challenged by regulated capitalism of China.



cpg Milestone
(September 18, 1946)

On September 18, 1946, President Carlos P. Garcia delivered his address during the joint session of the Senate and House of Representatives.

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"Only those who can remain free are worthy of it. Freedom must be constantly deserved."



Vision: A Filipino Nation united, free, democratic and prosperous, living in harmony with its neighbors and capable of maintaining peace and tranquility in the South East Asian Region. As what President Carlos P. Garcia said, "On the tablet of eternity is written our deepest longing to be a free nation, living in our own free land, a free master of our destiny. It is the deathless dream of the Philippine race that remains unaltered throughout the surging centuries of events and changes." 


Mission: To remind everyone that there was a time the leadership of our country was united upon the "Filipino First" policy to develop the Philippine Economy efficiently under the control of Filipinos, not anti-alien, but for the benefit and enjoyment of all. This is based on the statement of the late President which said: " We are called upon to decide on this momentous debate whether or not this land of ours will remain the cradle and grave, the womb and tomb of our race - the only place where we can build our homes, our temples, and our altars and where we erect the castles of our racial hopes, dreams and traditions and where we establish the warehouse of our happiness and prosperity, of our joys and sorrows."


(Ed's Note - The quoted lines above - in italics - are excerpts from the speech of President Carlos P. Garcia during the joint session of the Senate and the House of Representatives last September 18, 1946 regarding the adoption of the Parity Amendment to the Constitution.)

How can you help?

As President Garcia often said, “Everyone can do something to help improve the lives of others.” Please learn more about the nationalistic principles and policies in the Philippine Constitution of 1987.  The Filipino First Policy in 1957 – 1961 began the industrialization of our country.  Learn how to make the difference.  Join our team of dedicated volunteers by contributing your thoughts through our wesbsite. Every hour spent or dollar donated will make a difference in advancing the cause of nationalism in our country and improving the lives of impoverished peoples in our Region.



Quotable Quotes

by Pres. Carlos P. Garcia
as compiled by Congressman Edgar M. Chatto

"Our freedom, which we have won at the price of supreme sacrifices, is only true and real when its roots strike deep into our own free soil."

"Ed's Note - Delivered during the joint session of the Senate and House of Representativeslast September 18, 1946."

Nationalism Slogan


The Carlos P. Garica Foundation’s work is constantly expanding to take on new challenges in additional regions of the world.

(If you are interested, join our SLOGAN BOX and send us your quotations and statements about nationalism that gibe with the tenet of the late Pres. Carlos P. Garcia).





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