Click here to download software for your: SurfOne INOS 1W, Bestlink (or Belco) Alpha 400, 3K Computers Razorbook, Trendtac 700 EPC (EPC700), Elonex One T (One T+), Maplin Minibook, Silverstar E-PC, Yinlips Micro PC, HiVision Mininote, JAY-tech Jee-PC 400S, Letux 400 Linux Minibook, CnM Minibook (CnMBook), Novatech Minibook, Skytone Alpha 400,SurfOne INOS1, UBISurfer Netbook … and many more ‘sticker’ brands!

LittleLinuxLaptop.com is the ultimate unofficial free software and modding resource site for the Little Linux Laptop that is being sold under so many diferent brands.

If you have found another brandname, please e-mail it to us!

All the brands named above have one thing in common: they’re all the same laptop! Ok, some colors may differ, sometimes there’s a 2 gigabyte harddisk in it in stead of a 1 gigabyte one, or the newer versions have built-in WI-FI but they’re all produced by the same factory in China.
Little Linux Laptop

What these laptops also have in common is the very unusual Linux-based operating system. For many people who bought this laptop thinking it was a small version of a ‘normal’ laptop this was kind of a cold shower. At first, no software or resources where available at all. But as more people bought the little linux laptop, more linux enthousiasts started fiddling with it and soon patches and programs appeared on the web.

Because these patches and programs are not easy to find, and often not documented very well, or very difficult to handle because of the linux nature of the laptop, i started this website with the idea to put all resources i can find on it and serve the little linux laptop users… for free!

If you created or discovered resources please let me know so i can add them to this site, so all can enjoy!

Please read the disclaimer before installing or trying anything featured on this site. Although everything has been tried and tested before putting it on this site, we can in no way guarantee that your laptop will work fine after installing and or trying the software and manuals featured on this site.

Have fun!