KC Stadium in talks over music festival

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Monday, March 23, 2009
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This is HullandEastRiding

TIGERS chairman Paul Duffen has revealed talks are under way for a two-day music festival in 2010.

He said details were still under discussion, but the Mail understands the festival could make use of West Park, next to the KC Stadium, and the nearby Gemtec Arena.

Mr Duffen, chairman of the Stadium Management Company (SMC), confirmed there would be no concerts at the stadium this year because of problems with the pitch.

Mr Duffen said: "We are having talks with a number of different promoters about a 2010 concert.

"Discussions are in the embryonic stages, so we can't offer great amounts of detail at this moment.

"What we can say is it should be a two-day event and we are looking for a suitable theme."

The Who were the last band to play at the venue in May 2007.

Mr Duffen said: "We have decided not to have a concert in 2009. We need a first-class surface for the football and rugby teams and we are looking at resting it this year.

"When we put a concert on there is all sorts of wear and tear on the pitch, machinery is dragged across it and thousands of people walk on it.

"There is such a short gap between the end of the rugby season and the start of the football season that there is not enough time to work on it if we do have a concert."

Janet Reuben, chief executive of Visit Hull and East Yorkshire, which recently awarded Mr Duffen a special tourism award in recognition of the team's contribution to East Yorkshire's economy, said she welcomed news of the festival.

She said: "The Tigers and the KC Stadium have made a tremendous contribution to tourism for the region, raising the profile of Hull on a national and international scale.

"We look forward to helping the KC promote the festival.

"Hull can still look forward to a range of music events around the time of the Clipper yacht race in September and the Freedom Festival."

Hull City Council leader councillor Carl Minns said: "I'm disappointed there won't be a concert this year, but I look forward to the festival. I'm sure it will be a great success with residents and visitors."

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  • Profile image for This is HullandEastRiding

    by Norman, Hull

    Tuesday, March 24 2009, 3:31PM

    “Athornintheside, So is the House of Commons but you aint getting in there also.”

  • Profile image for This is HullandEastRiding

    by Athornintheside, Hull

    Monday, March 23 2009, 11:20PM

    “Again I publish what was published on another article about the stadium. Sack the SMC it is the peoples stadium and should be ours to use we paid for it.”

  • Profile image for This is HullandEastRiding

    by Stevo, Hull

    Monday, March 23 2009, 10:58PM

    “Why don't they consider having the festival somewhere else in Hull, one of the parks perhaps.”

  • Profile image for This is HullandEastRiding

    by the snooper, hull

    Monday, March 23 2009, 10:21PM

    “the reason they never sold out all the gigs that were put on at kc is the people just couldnt afford it”

  • Profile image for This is HullandEastRiding

    by Mike, kingston upon Hull

    Monday, March 23 2009, 9:42PM

    “As a rugby and football fan i am sick of the small minded pathetic and to be honest embarassing comments made by fellow so called fans always rugby types who just like to moan about everything!..this is a story about a concert coming to the City and a comment about the pitch needing a rest....message to egg chaser and tax boy...grow up you silly little boys whether we like it or not we wil always play second fiddle to Hull City and their interests which is fine really having put the City finally on the UK AND WORLD SPORTING STAGE.”

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