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Alternative names: New Generation Language (NGL)
  source: a priori, loans from different languages and made up words.
  source: a priori, based on linguistic universals.
  word order: Mostly SVO (SdVO)

Tokcir is a collaborative effort (see group efforts), originally led by Julian Morrison in the Conlang mailing list as New Generation Language ([NGL]).

Tokcir is meant to be a language of the future, being fully modern and modernistic in vocabulary and outlook. Tokcir is not an International Auxiliary Language (IAL), and so does not have to be simple or designed with the idea in mind of maximising ease of second language acquisition. However, it must obey "language universals" and be speakable, with the idea in mind that it is to be the language of a hypothetical first-language community.

Currently it has its own list: NGL Mailing List and Yahoo! Group and a few resources on Internet:

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