Repealing SB 48, protecting children
Becky Yeh - OneNewsNow California correspondent - 4/25/2012 4:10:00 AMBookmark and Share

John Eastman (The Claremont Institute)A California initiative to repeal a harmful anti-family law has less than three months to collect hundreds of thousands of signatures to qualify.


Proponents of the CLASS (Children Learning Accurate Social Sciences) Act have until July to collect signatures to repeal SB 48 -- the governor-approved law that took effect January 1, requiring students in public schools to be taught about lesbian, "gay," bisexual and transgendered individuals' contributions to society. It does not provide an option for parents to opt their children out. Initiative supporters must collect roughly 700,000 signatures to place the item on the 2014 statewide ballot (see earlier story).

"The CLASS Act is an effort to restore some common sense to our schools that focuses not on people's categories and sexual inclinations, but on what their actual contributions as a matter of objective truth are to the subject of inquiry," details John Eastman, founding director of The Claremont Institute's Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence.

The coalition has been working to recruit pastors in the state to get their congregations involved, and Eastman asserts that voters cannot sit idly on this issue. "It's extremely important that this agenda and propaganda use of our public schools cannot take root," he contends.

Dr. Miriam GrossmanMeanwhile, a Christian psychiatrist is calling on medical professionals to take action. During a recent CLASS Act campaign conference call, Dr. Miriam Grossman noted that SB 48 presents emotional and mental confusion for children, as it causes them to question their own gender and accept the idea that gender is fluid. (Listen to audio report)

"A child is not a miniature adult, and it's our responsibility to protect children from exposure to material that could confuse them, overwhelm them, [or] scare them," she submits.

The psychiatrist sees SB 48 as the start for homosexual activists, who believe there are many "shades" of gender. "They don't really believe that there [are] only two genders," Grossman details. "They believe that there [are] many genders."

She is concerned that many organizations and professionals in her field are silent on legislation similar to SB 48.

"These organizations that are responsible for protecting the emotional welfare of children should be challenged on this," the psychiatrist argues. "How do they stand? How do they stand on SB 48? Do they believe it's appropriate to teach five-year-olds about being born in the wrong body, about going in and having your genitals surgically removed? I want to know the answer to that."

To help with the repeal effort, registered California voters are encouraged to download and sign the online petition for the CLASS Act.




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