How does Fahrenheit 451 the movie differ from the book?

There are several points that separate the movie from the novel, The main ones have to do with clarisse. In the movie, she 22 and a school teacher who is fired from her job for mainly the same reason as the book's version was dismissed from school, an apparent "antisocialism". She takes Faber's role (as in the movie he is only present during montag's flashback) in telling Guy about the people outside of the city who recite books from memory. Instead of dying, she escapes there after the books in her house are burned.
A few othere things that were changed when the book was turned into a movie:
-There is no mechanical hound
-the technology that "betrays" Montag is the pole
-There is no mention of the fast cars
-no Faber
-Montag's wife is named Linda
-There is only one TV in Montag's Parlour
-During the chase scene, Montag is chased by police using what appear to be helicopter hats
-Montag went out with clarisse on his sick day
-Clarisse doesn't die
There's a lot more little things though...
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