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Trolleys in Union Square,New York
Trolleys in Union Square
New York, U.S.
On the promenade, Brooklyn Bridge,New York
On the promenade, Brooklyn Bridge
New York, U.S.
Bayou Lafourche (ice),Donaldsonville
Bayou Lafourche (ice)
Donaldsonville, U.S.
Kenmare Bay,Parknasilla
Kenmare Bay
Parknasilla, Ireland
1890 - 1900
Blarney Castle,Blarney
Blarney Castle
Blarney, Ireland
1890 - 1900
Cliffs of Moher,Co. Claire
Cliffs of Moher
Co. Claire, Ireland
1890 - 1900
Boulter's Lock,Maidenhead
Boulter's Lock
Maidenhead, UK
1890 - 1900
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