Lavabit was created to offer Internet users a better choice for reliable, fast, affordable e-mail service that never sacrifices privacy for profits.


Lavabit must always provide exceptional value in exchange for our users’ investment of time and money. Lavabit must provide exceptional value by delivering quality e-mail services at the lowest price possible.


The Lavabit staff should always provide patient, individual and competent service to everyone in the community—whether they’re customers, users or visitors simply stopping by.


Lavabit will always help the community by opening its source, donating the time of its employees, giving its money and using its resources to help others. Lavabit provides its services for the benefit of the community it serves, not for personal gain.


Lavabit will continually focus on designing interfaces that combine ease of use with the power to meet the most stringent demands.


Lavabit will remember that everyone uses a computer differently and engineer our system and solutions to accommodate them all.


Lavabit will have an open conversation with its users and deliver what’s important to them.


Lavabit adamantly protects the privacy of its users. Lavabit will only release private information if legally compelled by the courts in accordance with the United States Constitution.


Lavabit is committed to exceptional engineering that delivers technically superior software and services.


Lavabit employees are committed to making the right decisions even if they’re not the easiest or most profitable.