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True Compassion Advocates
True Compassion Advocates (TCA) offers education, resources, and support during aging, illness, and disability. We foster awareness about, and prevention of, suicide, doctor prescribed death, and elder abuse. We support safe and effective care, positive health care choices, and compassionate communities.

What's New at True Compassion Advocates

  • Massachusetts is the new hot spot for the attempt to legalize assisted suicide via a voter's initiative. People with serious illness or disabilities, their families, and health care providers oppose the practice as unsafe and leading to the abuse of seniors and people with disabilities.
  • Please check the following disability rights organization sites for information about the issue: Not Dead Yet, Second Thoughts, and Disability Rights Education Defense Fund.
  • Another organization which has organized against the doctor prescribed suicide initiative in Massachusetts is Mass Against Assisted Suicide For great information on the legal side of the assisted suicide debate, see the Choice is an Illusion website.
  • An alliance of many people and groups opposing assisted suicide in Massachusetts is called The Massachusetts Alliance Against Doctor Prescribed Suicide. Massachusetts physicians were the latest group to reaffirm their opposition to doctor prescribed suicide.

Are you, or is someone you know considering doctor prescribed death? We hope you, or the one you're concerned about, will reconsider. Refer to these supportive resources: serious illness support, caregiver support, and suicide prevention assistance.Please consider calling the suicide hotline or a mental health professional. Contact us for information/education/resources.

If you are seriously ill or caring for a loved one, we offer you our heartfelt concern and support. See aging with courage, health care choices, caregiver resources, and suicide prevention. Also, our free brochure, The Simple Guide for Medical Care and Decision-Making is an excellent brief overview of health care decisions, including what questions to ask and an overview of pain control, hospice care, and assisted suicide.

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Would you like to save lives and support people who are at risk for doctor prescribed suicide? Demonstrate true compassion.

Please contact us for support, solidarity, and information, or to simply to tell us about your story about aging, illness, or end of life care as it relates to suicide, doctor prescribed suicide, or elder abuse. (click here for contact information) .

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