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Come to the Hub tomorrow, APRIL 20 at 5.30pm for the launch of Clean Across Nova Scotia.

Game Demonstration, April 3rd 6:00 to 9:00 pm


Join us this Tuesday, April 3rd, 6-9pm for a Game Demonstration from Sam Fraser.

Here’s a note from Sam:

This is Sam here, writing to invite you out on Tuesday to try out some card games I’ve been working on. Some of you might remember me from the game jam a few weeks ago: my group made Ticket to Jam, a fun card game where everyone competes to be the most exciting musician on stage during a concert, by playing cards like “Jim Morrison’s swagger”, or “Janis’ bottle of JD”.

My main project is called Thief –…

HUBlicious: The Search for Better Rankings with Joel Burke

The HUBlicious :: Expanding mind and belly! 

An intensive lunchtime series showcasing tools and tricks to help you spark curiosity and encourage creativity. Have fun, meet people, and learn something new. 

Bring lunch, dessert is on us!

What to Expect:

Search engines are the greatest tool we have as internet marketers to theorize, test and form actionable

insights and opinions. Over the course of the session, Joel will help you figure them out as he covers topics such as:

  • How Search Engines Operate
  • How People Interact With Search Engines
  • Ranking Factors and Measuring and Tracking Success
Be prepared