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Kick-Out S.S. Manx

Kick-Out S.S. Manx - NEW!
Now available! The Kick-Out S.S. Manx is the street version of our latest kit, the Kick-Out Manx. The Kick-Out S.S. Manx uses the same body as the traditional Kick-Out Manx with the addition of a Curved Windshield, Dual-Hoop Roll Bar and Opening Hood with Inset Headlights. Learn more...

Kick-Out S.S. Manx Kick-Out Manx S.S.


Meyers Manx

In the span of years, since the invention of Bruce Meyers’ fiberglass dune buggy, the Meyers Manx has outlived most of its imitators in spite of their below-cost prices. Often flawed by inexperience and actual use of their product, the imitator of the Manx only wants to sell fiberglass - always, the fiberglass and little else. Where’s the rest of the kit, the dash frame, the rollbar, the windshield, the lights, the rubber trim, the fasteners and the critically designed bracketry? When a carpenter erects the walls of a new house, what looks like a house is a long way from being a house. Our competitors are fiberglass producers, rarely car designers. Have they pounded up and down the length of Baja as Bruce has? Do they know of the many design changes made necessary from such experience that led to winning the very first world famous Baja 1,000 Off-Road Race?

We here at Meyers Manx are given to an image of quality and excellence of design. Unlike 40 years ago we do not produce any of the bits and pieces or the fiberglass that are our kits. Everything in our kit is locally produced by others (here in high-dollar California), carefully chosen for their excellence and of course they must make a profit as well. The present economy has slowed down sales in every direction and everyone is sadly affected. Livable profit margins have been scaled down to accommodate. The iconic Meyers Manx dune buggy, imitated and copied by over 300 companies around the world in over forty years, has earned the recognition as the benchmark for all others and as the original has risen to such lofty heights as the Tiffany Lamp of dune buggies. An original Tiffany Lamp may be valued in six digits, a copy in two – so goes the value of an original, well-made Meyers Manx. What cost three to five thousand dollars a few years ago might double or triple in value now. One of our new “Kick-Out” kits rebodying an old copy could certainly earn a future profit. Today our line of Meyers Manx kits brings you an unmatchable legacy that reflects the same honest design heritage that captivated yesterday’s fun-loving world.

The Kick-Out Manx:
A modern take on the old classic Manx
No roads?
No problem.
Manxter DualSport!
Manxter SS:
The Cobra Killer.
A surfer.
Some fiberglass.
And a dream.

Straight from the drawing board of Bruce Meyers, the originator of the dune buggy and one of the founding fathers of off-road racing. The Meyers Manx Manxter 2+2,Meyers Manx Manxter DualSport , and now the Kick-Out Manx are the ultimate solution for the kit car enthusiast looking for thrills on the pavement and off.

Kick-Out Manx - NEW!
The wait is finally over. Finally an updated version of the old classic Meyers Manx now with an opening hood and more! Replace that old buggy body with a new, authentic Meyers Manx. Learn more...

Manxter 2+2
What has more seats than a Corvette and Cobra combined and is faster than both? Click Here!

Manxter DualSport
The DualSport Manxter fills the need for a stylish, significant, off-road machine that is still street-legal. Too many people spend serious dollars for an off-road machine that can only be used in restricted parts of the desert. Learn more...

What is a Real Meyers Manx?
Do you have an original Meyers Manx™? If the answer to that question is "I don't know", we'll guide you through the process of confirming the authenticity of your Meyers Manx if in fact you have the real deal. Learn more...