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Merieux Alliance

Over a century in the service of global public health

The commitment of the Mérieux family to work in the field of biology goes back to 1897, with the establishment by Marcel Mérieux, a pupil of Louis Pasteur and Emile Roux, of Institut Mérieux. This marks the start of an extraordinary adventure in both biology and industry, which was to have a profound impact on vaccinology and on in vitro diagnostics at the global level.

Initially under the direction of Doctor Charles Mérieux and later of Alain Mérieux, Institut Mérieux was to become a world leader in the field of human and veterinary vaccines. It gave birth to many bodies which are still major players today in the public health arena:

  • In human medicine, Pasteur Mérieux Connaught which later became Aventis Pasteur and then Sanofi Pasteur;
  • In veterinary medicine, IFFA (Institut Français de Fièvre Aphteuse) which became Rhône Mérieux, and later Merial.

In parallel to this work on vaccines, in 1963 Alain Mérieux set up bioMérieux to work on in vitro diagnostics.

The family's corporate holding was later enlarged through the acquisition of Transgene, working in immunotherapy, and then the American industrial control company Silliker, followed by ABL (a North American company researching into virology).

The name of Mérieux Alliance was chosen to reflect the full scope of these activities. Under the impetus of Alain Mérieux and his sons, Christophe, Rodolphe and Alexandre, the group developed further, fostering a policy of scientific innovation and international openness by developing a network of sites all over the world.

Merieux - Histoire

In 2009, Mérieux Alliance is changing its name and again taking up the standard of “Institut Mérieux” to communicate its vision of biology and to take on the new challenges in global public health.

Institut Mérieux has thus set up Mérieux Développement, a company investing in the area of health. 2010 has seen the Institute increase its commitment to Nutrition/Health with the structuring of Mérieux NutriSciences grouping together Silliker, Biofortis and Bioagri. It has also created IMAccess, a company dedicated to biology without borders between the North and South.

Marcel Mérieux,
a student of Louis Pasteur, creates the Institut Mérieux.

History 1897

Alain Mérieux founds BD Mérieux,
jointly-owned by the Institut Mérieux and Becton Dickinson, to launch diagnostics activities in Europe.

History 1963

Fondation Mérieux is created by Dr. Charles Mérieux.

History 1967

Alain Mérieux takes over BD Mérieux, which becomes bioMérieux.

History 1974

bioMérieux acquires API Systems
(bacterial identification galeries).

History 1987

bioMérieux acquires from McDonnell Douglas, the North American company, Vitek
(automated bacteriology diagnostics).

History 1988

Increase the control of bioMérieux and majority interest aquisition in Transgene.

History 1994

Transgene’s IPO
ACCRA invests in Silliker Group Corporation.

History 1998

bioMérieux acquires Organon Teknika.

History 2001

bioMérieux is listed on the stock exchange
(Euronext Paris).

History 2004

Mérieux Alliance becomes Institut Mérieux.
Creation of Mérieux Développement, an investment company dedicated to healthcare.

History 2009

Creation of IMAccess.

Nutrition/Health Structuring:
Mérieux NutriSciences.

Historique 2010 :
                     Institut Mérieux un groupe au service de la santé publique