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How UKIP became "Fresh Choice for London"

The party's mayoral candidate was listed incorrectly on the ballot paper.

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UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage. Photograph: Getty Images.

A bizarre cock-up meant that the UK Independence Party's candidate for mayor of London, Lawrence Webb, was listed on the ballot paper as Fresh Choice for London (it should have read UKIP: A Fresh Choice for London). A "furious" Nigel Farage has admitted that the fault was at UKIP's end: they forgot to put their party name on the nomination paper.

It certainly appears to have cost his party votes. As things stand, the UKIP candidate is on just two per cent in the first round, compared with four per cent in the final YouGov poll. The mistake is also likely to have aided Boris Johnson by limiting the number of right-wing protest votes (although many would have put Boris as their second preference). Were the race between Boris and Ken closer than it is, the error could have proved far more controversial.

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mhayworth's picture

A mistake that should never have happened - no doubt. However, Farage was just on the Daily Politics show admitting it was an internal mistake and UKIP's fault entirely.

Now - when was the last time you heard any politician admit to making a mistake?

Glad I voted UKIP and will continue to do so at every opportunity.

Robert Taggart's picture

UKIP - the 'fresh choice' for Tories - Blighty wide !

Noel Matthews's picture

Personally I suspect UKIP will be told it's their own funeral. Activists knew about this for weeks before the election and were advised to shut it. My impression of UKIP in London is that it needs a big bazooka. London should be one of our flagship branches. On balance I think this makes it easier for NF to weigh in with guns blazing and take that task on.

Livers's picture

Looks like the London Mayoral race is gonna be closer than everyone predicted .. maybe this is a big deal and will end up saving Bullingdon Bojo.

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