Xiaolong XL2060L - the civilian version hits the market?

The Chinese love big cars, especially these distinguished. The local company Xialolong wants to enter into commercial market with XL2060L military model, like famous Hummer H1 which went on the market in 1992 before. The official version of the civilian version should appear in April at the Beijing Motor Show. According to unofficial information, the car could cost 1 million RMB (160,000 USD), which gives a reasonable price as for this type of car.

Xiaolong XL2060L is larger than the legendary Hummer H1. Its dimensions - 5137x2250x1950 mm. It has very long wheelbase measures 3390mm. Ready for the drive with a full tank of fuel weighs more than 3 800 kg and its load capacity of up to 2 000 kg. Military version has only seats for four crew members. Hus huge car is equipped with 3.2l six cylinder Steyr Diesel engine which produce relatively low power 184 hp. Burning 20 liters per 100 kilometers Chinese Hummer reaches a top speed 115 km/h. Xiaolong XL2060L has been adapted to ride on any terrain, in which certainly help him a huge wheel with tires sized 335/80R20 and an optional snorkel which allows to use of a vehicle also for water crossings. As a interesting detail, a military version is also available with 6x6 configuration.

The has on the local market will compete mainly with the American model, which is still frequently imported by private clients and similar to original Hummer Dongfeng EQ2050.

Source: carnewschina.com

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