Figure Skating Webzines

Absolute Skating
Webzine for and by the skaters and their fans.

Adult Figure Skating
Advice for the new Adult Figure Skater.

Webzine dedicated to figure skating news and tidbits (based in Italy).

Australian webzine – Figure Skating Downunder

Axels, Loops, and Spins
Figure Skating Blog by Aaron Harris.

Sonia Bianchetti
Technical skating-related articles by figure skating referee and author Sonia Bianchetti.

Black Ice
Dedicated to the love of figure skating, this site is designed to celebrate and spotlight the artistry, talent, power, and strength of minority figure skating and those that help support the sport.

Blazing Blades Blog
Blog for skating news, reviews, results.

Current State of Mind
Blog about figure skating from a coach’s perspective.

Europe on Ice
Europe On Ice (EOI) Global provides an insight and a lighthearted look into the world of figure skating.

Networking site for skaters by skaters.

Russian figure skating webzine.

Russian webzine containing general information on figure skating.

Figure Skating Universe (FSU) Forum
Figure skating forum.

Go Figure Skating
Figure skating webzine.

How-To: Figure Skating
Figure skating blog by Grace Page.

Ice Skating International: Online
Webzine for competitive ice skating results, reports, and associated articles.

Ice Skating World
A figure skating website devoted to ice skaters, skating fans, and professional coaches.

U.S. based webzine and media portal for figure skating.

International Adult Figure Skating
A meeting place for Adult Figure Skaters.

Figure skating webzine.

Skate Today
Canadian figure skating webzine by Brett Barden.

Figure Skating portal by Sandra Loosemore.

Style On Ice
Skating News, exclusive interviews, and vintage clips.

World Figure Skating
Figure skating, ISU competitions, skaters profiles, news, articles and more by Vladislav Luchianov.