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Welcome to The Codex.

The Codex is a collection of articles and documents designed to help you the explorer whilst playing Myst Online: Uru Live, here you can find guides from how to use the KI (in game communication device) to where the Great Zero Markers are located. We hope you will find these guides useful during your exploration of D’ni.

Brief History – The First Restoration Attempt:

This Brief History guide is an introduction to key people and groups within the D’ni cavern, it will give a brief description on who they are what they have done and links to their websites if they have them. There is also a selection of links for further reading if you wish to learn more.

Cavern Games:

The Cavern of D’ni offers various games for explorers to play, from D’ni games such as Ahyoheek to explorer created games like Hide and Seek and Sardines. Here you can find a collection of games that can be played and the rules for playing them.

DRC’s KI User Guide:

The D’ni Jazz Club has liberated many things during its 4 years of access to the Cavern of D’ni. One of these things is a KI User Manual from the DRC who had it for new explorers to read before the Cavern opened in 2003. This manual is in .pdf format just to warn you incase you have a slow internet connection, it should also be noted that this document is 3 years old and new KI commands have been added since.

Great Zero Marker Locations:

Location of all the Calibration Markers for The Great Zero, including the “Red and Green Missions” as well as the other “Missions” that can be located in the Calibration Center.

In Cavern/Out of Cavern Standards Article:

The concept of being In Cavern (IC/In Character) and Out of Cavern (OOC/Out of Character) can be confusing to some, so the DRCL’s came up with this article which explains the differences between the styles of playing and what In Cavern and Out of Cavern mean, to make life easier for you in the Cavern.

KI Command List:

A list of all of the KI commands and Emotes that can be used in the Game.

Supported Countries:

This is a list of the current supported countries for Myst Online: Uru Live, if you are in one of these countries you can play the game if you are not you will have to wait until GameTap supports your country.