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Unassisted Childbirth in the Media

I always enjoy speaking about unassisted childbirth with the media.  The best way to contact me is via email.  Below are some articles, television and radio segments, most of which I’ve been interviewed for.

Laura Shanley on the Progressive Parenting radio show  (3/19/12)

Laura Shanley on Volke TV (3/19/12)

Interview by the International Childbirth Education Association  (March, 2012)

Review of Unassisted Childbirth by the ICEA (March, 2012 – scroll down the page)

Laura Shanley on en*theosRadio (2/29/12)

Mail Online, UK (11/11/11)

The Jenny Hatch Show (11/3/11)

CBC News, Calgary (4/8/11)

Mothering (3/17/10)

ABC TV News, Los Angeles (9/17/09)

20/20 – ABC TV (1/2/09)

BlogTalkRadio (11/20/08)

Discovery Health Channel (10/21/08)

Daily Mirror, UK (9/23/08)

Wales Online (8/10/08)

Daily Mail, UK (7/28/08)

Guardian, UK (7/10/08)

Channel 5, UK (7/9/08)

City Paper (6/25/08)

Mother and Baby, UK (June ’08)

Today Show, AU (3/27/08)

Junior, UK (Feb./Mar. ’08)

Good Morning America (1/8/08)

New York Post (10/21/07)

Sunday Express (10/7/07)

BBC Radio (8/16/07)

Eve Magazine (8/07)

Daily Mail, UK (8/7/07)

Washington Post (7/31/07)

W.P. Discussion (7/31/07)

Boloji, India (7/22/07)

Grazia, UK (6/18/07)

Reuters (5/22/07)

Salon (5/16/07)

Globe and Mail (5/15/07)

Marie Claire (5/10/07)

Westword (5/10/07)

Guardian (5/9/07)

New York Times (5/7/02)

Sacramento News (9/27/01)


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