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Did I Really Sell My Skin To Japanese Collectors?

No, I did not sell my skin to Japanese collectors. It was a publicity stunt for an English, Channel Four documentary called L.A Requiem, about death and dying in Los Angeles. I was featured with my creation, Mr. Death.

What to say about my crazy life? Believe me, Iíve been a warrior challenged by the sacred imagination - spontaneous mystical experiences, homesickness for eternity, visions telling me to reclaim the swastika, daring to change my name to ManWoman to honor the oneness inside of me, daring to call myself godís artist, daring to tattoo my body with the swastikas of blessing and the skulls of rebirth

    I remember walking down the street in New York City, during the first Tattoo Convention where I was a judge, and a woman saying how much courage she saw in me because I showed my arms in a town with so many Jews. And yet, I have won the friendship of many Jews because they see that Iím authentic and inspired by god-intoxication. And I have collected an enormous body of evidence, now published in my book, Gentle Swastika:Reclaiming the Innocence.

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