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"Even by Southern California standards---the land of the exotic mutants---ManWoman is a standout. Founder of the Church Punk movement, redeemer of the swastika, living symbol of male/female unity, he had L.A. agog at the hyper-cool La Luz De Jesus Gallery."

George Haggerty - BBC TV producer, Los Angeles

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you a Nazi-biker-transvestite-faggot?

A: No, I'm a mystic-artist-poet and I'm not gay although I laugh a lot.

 Q: Why is your name ManWoman?

A: During my ecstatic experiences of the God-vortex both halves of myself came together. I felt blessed, healed, filled with serenity, overflowing with joy and love. In my dreams people called me ManWoman. It's a symbol for sexual-spiritual oneness.

 Q: Why are you tattooed?

A: God and the Devil fought over my soul and these are the scars of their battle (Haha). Seriously, my dreams are very insistent. These are the marks of my inner journey, my spiritual awakening. I'm an artist and I ran out of canvas one day.

Q: Why swastikas? Are you anti-Semitic?

A: No, I was given a mission in life--something to do while I wait to die. I'm resanctifying the swastika which was used for centuries as a symbol for good luck and the profoundly sacred creative energy, the true self, by Greeks, Romans, Celts, Vikings, Christians, yes, and even Jews, Africans, Mayans, Aztecs, Chinese, Hindus, Jains, Buddhists, Tibetans, Hopi, Cree, and wandering neolithic tribes.

 Q: How many swastikas do you have tattooed on your body?

A: I believe about 200. It's my walking-billboard instant teaching device. I meet people who want to know more about swastika history. Swastikas from many cultures are on my arms and I can point to them in elevators when I have a captive audience(Gulp!)

 Q: Why do you have that vagina tattooed on your forehead?

A: Although I am a yoni-worshipping Tantric this mark is actually my flaming third eye which winks open now and then and gives me insight and inspirations for my art.

 Q: Why do you wear yellow clothing, drive yellow cars?

A: Yellow is the color that helps my soul soar up into eternity in those mystical moments when I feel called home to the Goddess who gives birth to the universe. In my dreams I'm always wearing yellow. Last year I went for yellow therapy. It worked great--my therapist is now wearing yellow too! Oh, well.

 Q: What was your childhood name?

A: BoyGirl

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