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Bride of Heaven

The Bride
of Heaven

"Home At Last"
- limited edition (19 only) giclee print -
paper size 19" X 24"
numbered and signed by the artist

Let me take you to where the heart may fly but reason cannot follow.
For a moment, allow me to open a window,
a window into eternity, which mysteriously draws you. 
Through the window it is radiant and pure
and so refreshing

that your heart knows that you have been here before. 
You feel as if you are made of light. 
You feel released from suffering and darkness. 
Tears of joy trickle down your cheeks. 
You know that your true home is here,
and you are shocked

that this has been kept a secret from you
and from the human race for so long! 

Come through this window and meet the shining
Bride of Heaven,

the sweet longing that is a manifestation
of your deepest desire

and dreams of flying. 
She soars straight up into that singing abyss
that now shatters your vision with unearthly beauty
so totally sacred that your eyes seem to see
for the first time! 

The rolling thunder of your awakened soul
frightens you

but the sound is so musically compelling
that you are drawn up through a vortex of power
into the perilous heights of heaven,
beyond the place where black and white are one.  

you are left with intense silence crackling in your ears. 

You surrender to the feelings of bliss
which envelope you in celestial fire. 

You are bathed in healing white light. 
You float boundlessly and are intoxicatingly alive. 
You are totally in love, with love, of love
and you melt into brilliant peace. 

You know everything, you are everything,
united with all! 

In an act of giving, you burst open like a seedpod,
scattering your downy tenderness all over creation
---seeds in the winds eternal.

ManWoman 1985

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