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"On occasion, words force me into their living quarters to form bedrooms of pleasure by the cooing of my voice. "          
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Harvest Time

It's harvest time

in my orchard

ripening everywhere

fruits are falling to the ground

my labors are drowned

by the delicious

lost in succulence

greedily sucking the juices

from my fingers

I'm forever ripening


Mr. Universe

When I praise the beloved

I'm praising

my own sweetness

not some distant god

in some distant place

my god lives not so much

in heaven as on earth

in my skin


that the mystery can live

in so small a place

I don't feel small anymore

containing everything

just call me

Mr. Universe


The Tree of Me

I am a great and wonderous tree

the tree of me

birds fly for miles

to rest in my boughs

bees fall drunken to the ground

buzzing their appreciation

of my ecstatic blossoms

I feed the hungry with my fruit

I shade the weary with my truth

lovers carve their betrothal

in my bark

my roots go so deep

that I always return

no matter what storms assail me

I yield to the winds

I caress the sky

spanning the gap

between heaven and earth

I am a great and wonderous tree

the tree of me


My Life as a Bird

I remember my life as a bird

soaring higher than all others

at one with the air

my eyes vigilant

ever vigilant

seeing forever in all directions

the curve of the earth

the footprints of a field mouse

salmon swimming home

how I miss my wings

oh, when will I fly again

when will I fly?

all poems copyright 2005

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